‘Unidentified Driving Object’ spotted in Russia: Watch Video

Unidentified Driving Object”, err we were about to mention the ‘Unidentified Flying Object’ for this monster; but after looking it’s been driven on the tarmacs, we betted to keep it the way as said.

However, this video had emerged from Russia. There doesn’t lays any doubt that Russians maybe addicted seeing such sorts of it, but to us it’s almost new like a ‘spanking yet confusing’ fragmental design on the drawing board.

Hence, we cannot lend any confirmed bits on this clip. Lest, we can only affirm, this monster is been driving at an approximate speed of 50mph, instead of going at 20mph as per to its size. It too doesn’t feel the need of changing lanes for overtaking, which sounds exciting.

Unidentified Driving Object
Appropriately, doing some research on the internet, we came to know this vehicle may happen to be an agricultural machine. Or possibly, it may be the tree cutting vehicle which is meant for trimming down woods in the dense areas.

Hope so, if one may have some cues regarding it then they can lend us on our comment section, we would be grateful learning more about this unconventional looking machine.

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