Upcoming Jaguar models to offer 4×4 option

Tata owned British auto maker Jaguar has recently rolled out all-wheel drive (AWD) versions of its popular XF and XJ saloons. The AWD version of these cars were announced some days back and Jaguar is working hard to make these cars much more desirable in the countries with snowfall, slippery conditions and icy roads. It took a long time for jaguar to reveal the all-wheel drive system for its cars but it happened mainly because these vehicles were not made to inhabit such a system. Therefore, it took some extensive research and tons of redesigning, modification and testing before Jaguar could implement these systems. However, the system is still in the development phase for the left hand drive vehicles and single engine type vehicles.

To avoid this inconsistency in future, the upcoming Jaguar cars will be made to be compatible with the all-wheel drive systems. This means that Jaguar will be featuring the all-wheel drive option for all the upcoming Jaguar models. Nearly all the auto maker offers AWD on their high performance vehicles such as Audi offers Quattro AWD as standard, Mercedes AMG is getting closer to the AWD as it moves towards higher engine output and acceleration.

Upcoming Jaguar models to offer 4x4 option
The waiting time has turned out to be good as Jaguar’s new system transfers torque to the rear wheel under normal drive conditions for better and responsive handling, but it can send about 50% of the torque to the front wheel in case if the demand prevails depending upon the condition. As of now all-wheel drive is scheduled to be coupled with 3.0 litre V6 engine that is being prepared to hit the US and Canadian snowbelt.

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