Valet parks ten Bugatti Veyrons in one night

Glimpse of a single Bugatti Veyron is a challenge in this world, but talking about the ‘ten’ at a same time, sounds “Miraculous”!

Well, this miracle had happened in Monaco, where one of the valet got a chance to park the “ten” Bugatti Veyrons in a single night.

One maybe thinking how the Monaco can do that, but as we said above it’s a miracle; hence the further conversation ends there itself.

Don’t be drooling over how we got to know about this incident. It’s the former Formula 1 driver Taki Inoue who posted an image on his Twitter account, depicting ten key fobs from Veyrons which were all parked at the same spot somewhere in Monaco.

Valet parks ten Bugatti Veyrons in one night
Hence, it maybe a painful task for the valet to drive in and drive out this such magnificent bug from the lot, as some damage to it may cost the earnings of lifetime or even more than it, but leveraging that would be those hefty tips which the owners of Veyrons may have paid.

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