Vodafone Drive Big League receives an extraordinary response of over 270,000 entries

Vodafone Drive into the Big League – II, a distinctive property from Vodafone India, witnessed Gravita India and SM Group come out as the top two small and medium-sized businesses SMEs in the city qualifier.

Of these two winners, Gravita India pocketed the to rank and will now fight it out in the concluding round, to bag a one-f-its – kind chance to obtain their company sign positioned on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes cars, which will perform at the second term of the motor racing episodedestined for October 26-28 this year.

Vodafone Drive Big League receives an extraordinary response of over 270,000 entries

The top 7contenders at the national capital went across 3thorough rounds of selection procedure. Vodafone Drive The challengers were evaluated by a board of senior Vodafone functionaries and well-known judges comprisin gtop Delhi’ ites, Mr. Rajeev Karwal, Founder-CEO, Milagrow Business & Knowledge Solutions and Mr G. Sundarara man, VP-Quality, Current Product and Manufacturing Engineering, J.C.B India.

The Grand Finale, to be held in the national capital will comprise 21 partakers fighting it out in an 8 part reality TV series on foremost national channel throughout Sept-October 2012.

The final champion will be chosen by a professional jury who will assess the finalists offering them with authentic situations that each of their business enterprises could confront and how they handle those situations.

The Vodafone Drive into the Big League – II had bagged an extraordinary response of more than 270,000 entries. This yearly biz property is anexclusive idea from Vodafone India to connect and build importance with the nation’s activesmall and medium-sized businesssegment.

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