Volkswagen announces ‘New Zero’ vision safety initiative

Latest from Volkswagen claims something shocking this time. Reportedly, an announcement made yesterday reveals that, VW is making a new “Vision Zero” safety initiative which will stand tall to all, and will further eliminate the traffic accidents and road fatalities from its clutter.

The German carmaker didn’t reveal all the details about it, but says it is developing a number of new driver assistance systems that will aid in driving and parking the vehicles.

Autonomous driving will also be there in that suite of technologies, but will not include part-time for situations like driving in traffic. Hence, it now got cleared that Volkswagen is working on self-driving technology which will be able to take over steering and braking control in the event of a medical emergency.

Almost sounding like Volvo, VW’s Vision Zero initiative too will include the launch of pedestrian detection technology. It is said to be such advanced that, the vehicles to be brought to a complete halt without even stepping on the brake pedals.

Volkswagen announces 'New Zero' vision safety initiative
In addition, there is also something more to learn from the Volkswagen, it is the new technology on which it is working now that will enable the driver to park his vehicle using a smartphone app. This automatic parking system is meant to be designed in a way that, will also utilize the parking spaces that maybe too narrow to open a car’s door even.

“Current innovations by Volkswagen Development engineers working in the area of driver assistance and safety systems are other steps on the path towards accident-free mobility,” VW said in a statement. “In the future, they will offer further relief to drivers and make car driving significantly more relaxed, and above all safer for driver and passenger – and continue to guarantee the driving fun that is typical of Volkswagen cars.”

Volkswagen didn’t gave the time bond for revealing such concepts in its repertoire, but our expectations inclines there will be some few more years for this sort of technology to come into action under the VW badge.

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