Volkswagen Deletes Features From Polo GT TSI Silently

The bread and butter of Volkswagen, Polo GT TSI, that supported the maker in its tough times is now facing cost-reduction from the list of features.

Trimmed to suit the given price tag, VW has taken off the leather from handbrake, and fabric from the door panels. Even tyres are compromised, the performance oriented Apollo are replaced by MRF and JK, which aren’t a proper match up to the quality of former.

Though, such a cost reduction does not sound impeccable for a car slotted in the premium segment. Worsening further is the brochure that still depicts the hatchback with those said features available on in the showrooms.

Volkswagen Deletes Features From Polo GT TSI Silently

Hence, this isn’t the first time this German automaker has opted for the silent deletion in the feature list. Earlier, various advancements were laid off the Polo and Jetta without a prior notice.

Well, trying to figure out, whether such a move literally suits the carmaker like Volkswagen hailed from Germany?

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