Maruti To Launch Idling-Stop Feature In India

Always on the top of its mind, fuel-efficiency, Maruti came late this time to introduce the feature of start-stop on its models in India. The same feature is available in international markets, but it took too long for the maker to realize such an addition will work well successfully when launched in this country.

They call it as ‘idling-stop’, the feature will add more 2-3 kilometres in the fuel-economy. Its technical expert has programmed to stop the engine as soon as the vehicle stops, and starts when the driver puts down his foot on the clutch. Alongside, a new feature is also deployed to keep the AC working when the engine is killed off.

Maruti To Launch Idling-Stop Feature In India
The smart Eco Cool system stores air and re-circulates it to keep the cabin cool during the time engine is switched off. Such a start-stop is also offered by Mahindra under the tag of Micro-Hybrid. But Maruti will become first automaker in the country to use this system for hatchbacks. WagonR may get it first followed by other models of the lineup.

Though, no exact duration of the launch is confirmed. Still, some says it will not get delayed by a vast gap from now.

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