Volkswagen First Budget Car Approved

Low-cost segment is about to make every brand whirl in its pool at a near future. The Volkswagen is just another name in the band which seems to have completed the scripting with blue prints, ready to take on flesh in the pocket-friendly car segment soon.

According to reports sprucing up on internet, Volkswagen is uttered to have confirmed the deigning of its low-budget car. One of the reports even quoted, project manager Hans Demant found saying, “The concept and design are now in place. We will produce all components in China.”

Volkswagen Up

When the management official of second brass line is uttering the confirmation, then it may be possible the approval for new brand is already passed by higher level of management. The first appearance may be anticipated for 2016. Chinese will be the first to receive it exclusively. If proven successful, the VW low-cost brand will then be stretched to India, Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Baltic region and Africa.

In the early days, project was stationed for costing problems, with the high standards of Volkswagen meeting the price tag.

VW’s low-cost brand will have a direct competition with the likes of Dacia, and such.

Hopefully, the aim of German carmaker behind this initiative is to be the world’s biggest car maker by 2018, leaving the Toyota behind in the rear view mirror.

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