Volkswagen India achieves a remarkable 109.3% sales growth in 2011

The tenth year of the foray of Volkswagen Group into the Indian auto market has been particularly rewarding as the company has being able to achieve a tremendous sales growth of 109.3% in the year 2011. All three brands of the Group i.e. Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi have combined together to register a sales figure of 1,11,623 vehicles in the year 2011, which is a sensational growth from the 53,341 cars it had managed to sell in 2010. The year has also seen the Volkswagen Group achieve a lot of milestones as its Chakan plant near Pune has rolled out its 50,000th as well as 100,000th car into the market. The car has also launched 10 new vehicles in the year 2011, thereby increasing its total number of offerings to its Indian consumers to an impressive 21 models.

Volkswagen 109.3% sales growthIn order to expand its reach in the Indian market, Volkswagen Group has further enhanced its dealer network to enlist 56 more dealers, which has taken its total tally of dealers to 219 in the year 2011. The Group has also been able to nearly double its share in the Indian auto market by increasing its figures to 4.9% in the year 2011 as against the 2.5% it was in 2010. The passenger car segment from the Volkswagen brand registered a 151% growth by selling 76,107 cars as compared to the 30,319 cars it had sold in 2010. Skoda registered a 49.9% growth by selling 30,005 cars in the year 2011 compared to the 20,019 cars that it had sold in 2010. Audi has sold 5,511 cars and registered a growth of 83.5% in 2011. In 2010, Audi had sold 3,003 cars. Localized presence of the group has also increased with the Chakan plant of the car maker manufacturing 73% of the vehicles offered in the Indian market in 2011, increasing from the 60% share it had manufactured in 2010. The Group is also partnering closely with the Indian suppliers for providing necessary technical knowledge and tools for the cars. This has helped the suppliers of the Volkswagen Group significantly as they are now being able to export parts to the other locations of the Group across the world.

The Chief Representative of Volkswagen Group in India and the MD and President of Volkswagen India, Dr. John Chacko has said that the group has been able to achieve a significant growth in the year 2011 even though the market condition had been volatile. 1,11,623 cars had been sold by the company in 2011 whereas 1,05,535 cars had been produced by the Chakan plant during this time period. The Group has consolidated its presence in the Indian auto market by registering a 109.3% sales growth along with a 180% growth in the production of the Chakan plant compared to 2010. According to Dr. Chacko, these figures are displaying the fact that the Group is being increasingly accepted by Indian consumers. The cars of the Group are also continuously gaining market share in whichever segments they have been placed. Dr. Chacko has expressed the confidence that the design innovation, technology along with the dynamic range of products that the company is offering will be enable to help the Group continue its growth path in the future in India.

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