Volkswagen Launches Vento Style Limited Edition at Rs. 8.33 lakh

Since some couple of months back Volkswagen had kept rolling the odd balls down our local market, in order to gain some of the cool pie of fraternity shares, and to be true we had witnessed an increment in the number of VW diehards. Now again, it is a time for those German loving guys to rejoice as their favorite brand had launched the “Style” edition of Vento in India. This C segment sedan had always remain in the limelight due to its youth appeal and a number of utilities being attached with it in terms of pricing and so, taking on competition with hot and famous hatchbacks under its stride.

Here as usual, the Style limited edition is a cosmetic treat rather than a technical brush up, so don’t expect something extraordinary in the driving level refinements. Meanwhile, tweaks had been done up to the mark of Indian context which can be named as ‘Signature Chrome Package’ on whole, henceforth to be further bifurcated into bits namely, chrome front grille, stylish new alloys, doorstep garnish, dual feel seat covers and ‘style’ badging on dashboard, inclusive of interiors as well as exteriors clutters.

Volkswagen Launches Vento
It can be easily said, Volkswagen had rolled out ‘IPL edition’ during the last premier league and had found lot of buyers for same, while here it seems to be the stereotypic strategy as well that had gained those miraculous figures during the previous cricket season, and one thing can be chalked as, Indians love to drive out new Vento during the famous IPL time, now it is been forming a tradition as it looks from the perception of VW.

No to disappointment for any of the variant buyers, Vento Style edition comes in package of 1.6 liter TDI diesel and 1.6 liter MPi petrol, being mated with 5-speed manual gearbox giving a same output of 105 bhp from both of them, contradicting the torque differences very vastly, and as said, oil burner covers 250 Nm comparatively to 153 Nm from the gasoline powertrain.

Volkswagen Vento Style launch
Pricing of Rs. 8.33 lakh (ex showroom Delhi) is not something too high for this limited edition German bug, and we say it is the most sorted offering in market right now to buy a newbie in the particular price range.

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