Volkswagen Off-Roader Concepts to be unveiled at 2014 Detroit Motor Show: Report

Volkswagen talks a bit sophistication with its automobiles; the carmaker now got to know it is also better getting dirty at times while going off-road.

Hopefully, the engineers at VW’s backend have gotten the strata right on the table with regards to rising demand of off-roaders/SUVs, and so a report on internet is seen claiming to witness a refurbished/revamped model of a VW badge into an off-roader at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

There isn’t concrete information on the upcoming Volkswagen off-roader/SUV, and so it is replicated that fuel-economy will be looked upon immensely for the model plate, which the same is also speculated to go into production as well.

Volkswagen Off-Roader Concepts
Till the German didn’t conclude vehicle officially, there aren’t any point of views from our side to churn the rumour mills.

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