Volkswagen to improve its dealership status

Volkswagen is one of the car manufacturers in India who enjoys a much loved and much praised status. This German car manufacturer has various plans to expand its business platform in India. Recently, they announced that they are planning to increase their dealerships in India. This means that, their aim is to increase the market share by improving their current dealership status. Their plan of action involves expanding their dealerships in tier III and tier II cities, which according to them, are still untouched by them. This in turn will result in a 20 percent increase in their dealerships. With the seven fold growth of the Indian automobile market, every car manufacturer in India is trying their stunt to remain in the loop. As far as Volkswagen is concerned, currently their aim is to establish their dealerships in four or five major cities in India.

When we talk about Volkswagen group, then we are talking about three major brands Skoda, Audi and Volkswagen itself. So as a matter of fact, Volkswagen will try to improve the dealership of all three brands in India. According to the company the eastern part of India including Silliguri, Patna and Asansol seems to be a really good place to start improvising with. Currently, this company enjoys a good score of 70 dealerships in India where as in its initiall phase in the year 2009 it had only 14 dealerships. But according to the director, Volkswagen group India, “the point is not how many dealerships we have, rather it is about how many cities we have conquered. If we have a humongous amount of dealerships but only in few cities, which is only 57 major cities for now, then I would say that we are losing out on a bigger chunk of cake”.

One thought on “Volkswagen to improve its dealership status

  1. I wanna get dealership for the Volkswagen in shri ganganagar dist. state of Rajasthan. Shri gangangar has huge demand for such kind of brand. Hyundai, Maruti, Mahindra & Chevrolet had already their dealership in this dist. Shri Ganganagar along with selling ratio also very good. So, we must say this is the market demand that, volkswagen must have their dealership in shri ganganagar.

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