Volkswagen Unveils India’s 100 Best Destinations Coffee Table Book Written by Mr. Bob Rupani

We come across many Coffee table books but there remains a prominent memory in our mindset when a masterpiece lands in our way. The launch of Volkswagen’s Coffee Table Book India’s 100 Best Destinations is the automaker’s first such venture under a notable pitch that is expected to hit hard in our country.

This Volkswagen editorial gem is written by Bob Rupani, which exclaims a delightful quotient of the seen as well as unseen locations of India. It does features travelogues stretching from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Sikkim to Rajasthan, divulging in all directions as not excluding even the rarest Leh Ladakh. The photographs are really a true treat on one’s shelf, as originally captured in their superlative pristine form.

Volkswagen Unveils India's 100 Best Destinations Coffee Table Book

Passat, Polo, Vento and Touareg are the heroes that took care of their masters when they grudged through the beaten and off beaten tracks. Need not to say, one can easily rely on them for a long vying journey as they are tough on outside and softer inside.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Lutz Kothe, Head of Marketing and PR, Volkswagen Passenger Cars said, “a coffee table book on travel is a very natural extension for a company like Volkswagen. With this book we provide every travel enthusiast the opportunity to simplify drive out and enjoy the country.”

Adding more to limelight, the author Mr. Bob Rupani said, “it gives me immense pleasure to work with Volkswagen on a subject that I am passionate about: travel and driving. I sincerely hope people not only enjoy reading the book but also drive out.”

Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bob Rupani and Lutz Kothe

Volkswagen’s titled India’s 100 Best Destinations was landed in the blunder of glamour as being brought to paddock by a famous Bollywood actor, Mr. Neil Nitin Mukesh, who is also a VW brand fanatic. He does shared that Passat is his favorite hop-on as comes loaded with all the luxury of niche segment, brightened by more authenticated suspensions, and that too in a competitive price band. He loves to drive in it, and being carried by him through a long period of time, proving the timeless and beautiful craftsmanship being elaborated with magnificent engineering.

Lastly, Mr. Arvind Saxena, Managing Director of Volkswagen Passenger car was also present at the event.

MD of Volkswagen Passenger Cars Mr. Arvind Saxena

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