Volvo Buses Invites Submissions for Volvo Sustainable Mobility Award

Volvo Buses recently announced about their award for Volvo Sustainable Mobility. The entries for the submissions are admissible across a wide range including organisations, groups, institutes, individuals, who work for developing innovative solutions in the field of sustainable transport in urban areas.

This award is an initiative taken by the company for identifying different initiatives and for influencing improvements in the existing transport system in the city. The winner of this award will be rewarded with a cash price of up to INR 7 lakhs, while the runners up to the award will be awarded a cash price of INR 3 lakhs.

This award supports all different organisations, individuals and institutes. The main objective behind this award is for highlighting the need of developing an effective mobility and urban transport system in addressing the fast growing cities needs. The final date for submitting entries is on August 30. Meanwhile, the final date for submitting the project details is September 1.

Volvo Buses’ CEO and MD, Akash Passey, said that in India, urban transport is fast evolving. Efforts by the central and state governments are supported actively by different interest groups for trying to get people to switch to urban transport that is more eco-friendly. With the help of this award, the company will try to recognise the efforts taken by these individuals or groups in coming up with original ideas to improve the quality of urban transport, who have gone beyond the traditional methods.

He added that at Volvo, they are committed for bringing about a change that will benefit the society as well as make the lives of those living in urban areas more comfortable and healthier. They hope that with the help of this award, they will be able to get people to come out with more new ideas for making urban transport in this country as good as those available in developed countries.

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