Volvo Receives Green Flag for Producing Cars in China

Volvo was in tremendous need of getting a good share out the vying Chinese market, however, everyone in particular range were doing well in that territory. Playing a spoilsport at this point was 25% tax on imported vehicle in the land of dragon, which had compelled Volvo to charge premium pricing from customer itself, and comparatively making an expensive workout.

But no to disappointment, the Geely owned auto brand had achieved an increment of 31% in the initial 2013.

However, Volvo had also planned to roll out 800,000 vehicles by 2020 under its new goal achievement strategy. And to fuel all those afore mentioned aspirations Swedish carmaker finally bagged the order to produce its lavish makes in China, which was on a shaky ground since the acquisition by new owner Geely in 2010. Lately, The National Development and Reform Commission had issued green flag to the organization but matter still lies in pipeline of the State Council where only a mere chance of getting rejected shadows.

Volvo Receives Green Flag for Producing Cars in China

Once the manufacturing bay will start, then Volvo will also gain that long lost 10% sale which was flowed away in the whole of 2012 due to bespoken Chinese tax.

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