Volvo UD Buses Launched in India

At the launch of Volvo S80 facelift in Delhi, the Indian subsidiary of Volvo Group also made an important announcement at the same venue regarding its bus segment. Starting with India, the Volvo Group took an important strategic step with the introduction of a UD bus range developed specifically for growing markets. In India, UD Buses aims to develop and lead the value segment.

“In India we foresee that UD Buses will take the lead in developing the value segment.  There is a large potential middle segment in India, of which, the value segment targeted has a high growth potential. The Volvo Group will play a significant role in enhancing quality of transportation for an increased number of citizens,” said Akash Passey, Senior Vice President, Volvo Group’s bus operations, responsible for the international markets including Asia.

The UD bus brand is aimed to stretch the Volvo Group’s customer base, and improve its competitive strength as well as would aide to capture more growth opportunities in India. The bus range will include both city buses and coaches.

Volvo UD Buses Launched in India

The new UD bus range will be developed by employing and leveraging the right ratio of Volvo Group’s global engineering network in combination with its heritage of Japanese craftsmanship and reliability. The Volvo Group’s distribution network will take on the responsibility of providing service and parts. UD buses will offer passengers a modern transport solution while at the same time focusing on operational essentials: fuel efficiency, reliability and optimized uptime.

“UD buses have had a strong brand presence in Japan and South East Asia in the past. Now we renew and adapt the buses for growth markets, starting with India. This is a brand with a proud heritage, marked by its core value of ultimate dependability. It will offer passengers a modern travel experience and fulfil the specific needs of the customers in the value segment.  With a multi-brand approach we look forward to playing an even more important role in the Indian bus market,” said Håkan Agnevall, President, Volvo Group’s bus operations.

Volvo UD Buses

The production of UD buses will start in Bangalore in 2014. The first buses will reach the customers later this year. Besides serving the domestic Indian market, the UD bus plant in India will also serve as an export hub in the future.

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