Watch Fiat Linea Classic TVC: Feel Big!

As but obviously all auto enthusiast would know, the Fiat Linea Classic launched yesterday for Rs. 5.99 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. It is now time for them to relish that automaker had now released the TVC of same, which we found very interesting to publish it in our blog, seeing the strong connectivity of the clipping with the product.

However, very much all of us would know, coming to the level of competitive pricing, 1.3L Fiat Multijet has been ‘de-tuned’ to produce 75bhp, which is quite lesser than the 90bhp of the standard Linea. What has mattered more for Fiat is the price-to-value context, which it has tried to make evident through the new Linea Classic which aimed to appeal the masses that prefer to be driven on rear-seat by a chauffeur.

Overall, the detuning process has deleted a number of horses underneath hoods; in addition the same also has chopped off fuel efficiency figures for Linea Classic. The 90bhp Linea is done with 20.4kmpl figures on the clock, while the Classic manages only 19.5kmpl at the bay, officially.

Fiat Linea Classic Engine
Lest, it seems, the Fiat thinks cutting down features on the list alongside the prices will dwell the Linea to a larger pool of customer base. This core idea of the Italian carmaker is also represented brightly in the TVC too.

Obviously looking at the video it can be said the masses would be compelled to buy a one.

Just click the play on the video to know more:

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