Ways To Save Money on Car Maintenance

A research has recently showed that 70 percent of people use their cars for luxury purposes. So they treat their cars as a delicate thing and spends way too much in maintaining them. It is good to treat the cars as a delicate thing, but there is no reason to spend unnecessary money on car maintenance. There are many a measures that one can take to minimize the cost of car maintenance and save a few bucks at the end of the month.  Mentioned below are a few steps that one can take to minimize the costs incurred in maintaining cars.

Keep the parts of the cars dry:

I have seen many people who keep their cars out of the garage and when it rains the parts of the cars get wet and it, in turn, affects in the motors and performance of the car. The Motor gets cooled and stops the warming of water, while the byproducts of the combustion get combined with it and the motor gets affected very badly. As a result when you start the motor it faces problems in warming up properly and it gets tough to start the engine. It is then better not to use the cars for short trip. You might have to walk to that place.

Car Maintenance

Don’t change the oil unless and until it is needed:

Do not go according to the oil company, they may tell you to change the oil before it is needed. Go thoroughly through the users’ manual. Use the car and if you feel that there is a problem with the oil only then change the oil. Do not change the oils every 3000 miles. It is an old rule and does not apply with most of the modern day vehicles.

Don’t change the oil

Go to your trusted local mechanic rather than going to the dealer:

Find any trustworthy mechanic near your place. Going to the dealer all the time means you will end up spending much more money than required, but if you go to the local mechanic he will only repair the thing which is needed to be repaired. But make sure the mechanic you choose is trustworthy and has good reputation in the area. But if your car is suffering from any major problem then you better take it to the dealer as the local mechanic may not always understand what is needed to be done and may end up complicating the problem even further. But for minor issues, take your car to your local mechanic.

Local mechanic

Use regular fuel at times:

Most of the cars that ply on the road today only to use premium oil, but in reality few really require it. So also try using regular oil, it may actually work. It won’t affect your car’s mileage. Efficiency may get hampered a bit, but in most of the cases the performance parameters remains same more or less. If you are using turbo-charged or super-charged cars then it is recommended that you follow the car manual.

Regular fuel at times

Keep the tires in proper road condition:

Try to use directional tires rather than using rotational tires. Always try to keep the tire pressure as it should be, it keeps the tires in good condition. Ask your friendly mechanic to take care of it on a regular basis.

Tires in proper road condition

Purchase the parts on your own:

Purchase the parts of the cars on your own as it saves a lot of money. Do not let the mechanic to buy your parts as he may overcharge you for the parts. And always survey the market before buying the parts. There are always stores where you will get the same parts at a lower rate.

Car parts

Keep the car light in weight:

Remove unnecessary items from your car and keep it light to achieve maximum performance out of the car. It is always difficult for a car to give its best when it is loaded with stuffs.

Keep the car light in weight

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