What’s New With The 2015 Xylo

Mahindra Xylo only dared to challenge the Toyota Innova directly, and to an extent its effort are worthy to talk of. Mahindra’s tough UV platform underneath and acres of space inside, even the third row can accommodate three full-size adults, makes the equation more competitive, especially to those who use it for the tourist purpose in hilly regions.

But since its ride height is quite high and suspension does tumble it down on the corners disappointed large number of buyers, where the Innova managed to cash upon.

However, the 2014 has brought improvements to Innova and Xylo both. But since the former was only a cosmetic makeover at the most, engineers at Mahindra thought of improving some most reported technical issues as well, where to name it is of the suspension and in the drivetrain instead.

A detailed study carried out by us revealed, why the 2014 Xylo is better than its predecessor and shall be bought against the rivals if you are out in the market looking for a “proper 7-seater”.

What's New With The 2015 Xylo

The fresh face

The differentiation can be rectified at a glimpse with a chrome strip on the front.

A new rear

The tail gate too gets a similar treatment of the chrome strip. Even the sides see different set of decals.

Fresh dials and dash

The instrument cluster inside the cabin with the new beige dashboard is to lend the man behind its steering a bash of the 2014 make.

Reworked suspension

However, to say that precisely, numerous works are carried out at upfront to make the package deal worthy. Freshly baked stiffer suspension bushes, recalibrated dampers, controls arms and beefy anti-roll bar are used. And at rear stiffer coil springs takes the care. Polyurethane bump-stops have been used for reducing the thud of rough patches.

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