Why Buying Used Car Is Better At U-Trust: Explains Toyota

Buying a used car had always remained a question of taking a chance, where some buyers settled for a small car instead of buying a SUV in pre-owned for that same amount of money. Though a carmaker like no other in India, Toyota Kirloskar Motors, which is been very much dignified for the adherence to quality standards in new cars, had marched the step to sort out the drawbacks that are associated when thought of going with the pre-owned option. To explain that very well, it even inaugurated the separate dealerships alongside its brand called as U-Trust back in 2007. Now, to zoom past rivals in this year and further against selling the maximum of used metals from the showrooms and satisfying more customers, the automaker had provided its own explanation why U-Trust is simply better than the other options available in market.

First of all, it has hit the nail directly on its head. Buyers if opted to go for the pre-owned car then can elevate to a segment above as compared to the options available in new car market. For example, many can buy a BMW sedan if they were out in the market to buy a SUV. Or on the smaller side, hatchback/compact car buyers can elevate to a pre-owned SUV for the same price.

Secondly, there is a huge difference between the conventional used car, and a one bought from the Toyota U-Trust.  The vehicles that pass through the U-Trust band undergo 203 checks, which are done by the professionals.

Toyota Corolla Altis

For surpassing the test, and before turning eligible for the sale, cars are made to move through a service centre checkup as well which ensures deeper analysis. And if found as per the standards then Toyota trained technicians do the best of their refurbishing job. Only Toyota Genuine parts are used, and then certification is issued.

Toyota U-Trust provides 2 years/30,000kms warranty and also gives up to 3 free services, as per the schedule of periodic maintenance service (PMS). Warranties Free services can be availed at any Toyota workshops across India.

For those who wished to go for the loan as well, are offered various loan schemes to choose from at attractive rates.

Buyers also get assistance in the transfer of documents from U-Trust dealers, turning the experience completely hassle free.

That’s not all, even if a layman who had bought a used Toyota car from outside, can also turn to U-Trust for knowing the service history and accident details about the vehicle. Toyota do not hesitate in sharing that information, that’s obviously a part of its service.

Hence, all these aforesaid measures make the experience of buying a U-Trust car at par with the new car.

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