Workers Are Doing Extra Shifts to Meet the Rising Demand of Audi A6 and A7

Downturn of economy in Europe is creating bad waves over there but Audi seem to be on the verge of proving all those allegations wrong, as had added 12 extra shifts in the Neckarsulm manufacturing bay of Germany. It is cited that there is huge requirement of model plate A6 and A7 in the market and therefore workers has to bear those extra load of work.

Concluding to numbers, Audi had produced more than 2,600 cars in the initial quarter of 2013 calendar, which is quite ahead of the scheduled numbers. Proving more to it, the VW owned premium carmaker also expects to roll down some cool ‘top-line’ statement this year under the expansion plan of SUVs and A3 models. One can say that, Ingolstadt-based automaker is in the vying league to take over another German named BMW on the grounds of world’s largest luxury carmaker, and that too by the end of this decade.

Workers Are Doing Extra Shifts to Meet the Rising Demand of Audi A6 and A7
In addition to the expansion blue prints, new manufacturing bay will come up in Foshan region of China, inclusive of an extension line in existing Gyor facility, Hungary. Both of the terminals are meant to be pumped by an additional investment of €11 billion ($14.2 billion) in total. Meanwhile, upcoming Audi A3 sedan will derive more benefit than others from this new sanction, as four ringed organization tends to build the same model plate in large numbers due to its overwhelming expectations worldwide.

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