World record set by Volkswagen Touareg

A drive was organized to deliver a special message to the mayor of Melbourne and to themayor of St. Petersburg. The diesel version of Volkswagen Touareg travelled through rough terrains during thejourney and worse weather conditions. The vehicle travelled 23,000 kms, 9 countries and 2 major water bodies while setting this world record. This adventure trip was undertaken in theVolkswagen Touareg 3.0 liter V6 TDI.

In India,the Volkswagen Touareg could not get the attentionit deserved going by thecapabilities. The new model of Volkswagen was displayed in Delhi Auto Show and it isexpected to be priced Rs.60-65 lakhs.The vehicle is well-built and spacious SUV but mighthave an issue as the number of passengers that could be accommodated is 5only. Thecabin of this vehicle is simple and plain but it is very comfortable and ensures that this SUV can be driven in all-weather condition even in the roughest terrains and the driversand passengers would rather love the drive.

World record set by Volkswagen Touareg

World record set by Volkswagen Touareg World record set by Volkswagen Touareg

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