World’s Most Expensive Bike: A Harley Davidson Blue Edition

World’s Most Expensive Bike: A Harley Davidson Blue Edition

The ‘most expensive’ tag is always impressive even though nobody can really buy them. So today we thought of telling you about the most expensive motorcycle in the whole world.

It is a Harley and it costs a whopping Rs.13 crore or 1.88 million in US dollars. Named the Harley Davidson Blue Edition, the bike is a collaboration between the famed American cruise maker and Swiss watch and jewellery manufacturer Bucherer. The bike is studded with a 5.40-carat diamond ring called the Dizzler provided by Bucherer.

The Bike itself is based on Harley’s famous Softail Slim S and took nearly 2500 hours to build. According to the Bucherer, “Every metal element found on this one-of-a-kind motorcycle has been produced, welded, beaten, ground, and polished by hand”. So you can really imagine the work that has gone into making this bike a reality. Mechanicals of the bike are same as the ones you get in Standard Softil Slim S bikes. The bike gets its name from its blue color and is dedicated to the new Blue Series of Watches from Bucherer.

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