New Honda Jazz Bookings To Open On June 20, 2015

As Honda very serious about the new Jazz, it has silently announced to a source the bookings of this new hatchback in India will commence from June 20, 2015. However, the launch is still a distant dream, as scheduled to happen on July 8, 2015. With bookings commencing this earliest, the Japanese carmaker wants to keep the excitement going which it has created using the various means of media from now onwards.

The new Jazz is bringing the clouds of hope for Honda Cars India to strike back with a vengeance. The previous tussle of war in the hatchback segment was lost by the Jazz due to lack of diesel engine.

New Honda Jazz Bookings To Open On June 20, 2015

Now, in this new avatar the hatchback looks serious to take on the competition. One can find the top-end variant completely loaded with goodies, where the maker now fitted a touchscreen infotainment system as well. Roomier cabin can have turned Roomiest with regards to the ‘Magic Seats’.

Under the bonnet, options of petrol and diesel both will follow the launch of new Jazz. A 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol lifted off the Amaze and 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel which one can find underneath the City, Mobilio and Amaze are going to make to the launch. Thus, a 5-speed manual transmission is the only transmission provided standard for diesel, while the petrol owners are said to soon own a chance of shifting to CVT (automatic) transmission in the future.

Hence, everyone knows the car is quite late to the party. So, abundant of competition is about to happen around, and its major rivals like Swift and i20 Elite are already making moves to keep their sales floated. The price tag of new Jazz is bound to go easy and competitively on the pockets (expectedly starting from Rs 5-6 lakh) because of the previous interaction with the audience where it lost huge sales also due to the overpricing strategy.

Sporty Honda Jazz With Full Bodykit Spotted In Indonesia Before Launch

Still in the waiting lounge for India, the new Jazz that was introduced in Indonesian in June last year will soon receive a sportier version, as conveyed a spy-shot. The hatchback of Honda with its new face had created benchmarks in the markets. Soon, after rolling down in India, similar effects are expected to be experienced by the likes of Maruti Swift and Hyundai Elite i20, each of the hatchbacks facing a severe blow.

The sporty version of new Jazz seen in Indonesia is actually spotted during a TVC shoot, which meant, the launch is nearby and the marketing campaigns are on the front foot. Aggressive air dams, chin spoiler, side skirts and roof spoiler were found on its body kit. Lowered suspension sparks fury about the sports-tuned suspension setup. Thus, as the speculations are concerned, no change in performance may have taken place, it’s the cosmetic changes that are evolved on the car for a better appeal to push the sales since one year of launch.

Sporty Honda Jazz With Full Bodykit Spotted In Indonesia Before Launch

In Indonesia, Honda uses a 1.5-liter i-VTEC petrol lifted off the City to produce max power of 120PS and peak torque of 145Nm, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox, where CVT lugs the optional list. But for India, the scenario is quite distinct; Japanese carmaker is expected to use a 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol engine of 88PS and 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel of 100PS, both mated to a manual gearbox. CVT may go with the petrol option in future.

Sporty Honda Jazz With Full Bodykit Spotted In Indonesia Before Launch

Image courtesy : Autonetmagz

Honda Cars India Confirmed New Accord Launch For 2016

Since the shrinking demand of petrol had made Honda to drop many models from its India lineup for a couple of years, it even dropped the Accord back in December 2013 to manage a reasonable portfolio with more concentration like mass sellers. Like now, when the line is filled up to the brim with diesel options, Amaze, City and Mobilio to name a few and Jazz one the way for its launch, it is confirmed by a source the maker will now move-in new Accord soon after the launch of 2.4-L petrol engine.

Above that, this Japanese carmaker for its Indian subsidiary is also thinking about the hybrid version of Accord, which will straightly target the Toyota Camry Hybrid. As Camry Hybrid now constitutes 70% of the total Camry’s sales, it seems feasible to bring down such an option to entice the new-age buyers.

Honda Cars India Confirmed New Accord Launch For 2016

However, Hyundai had also withdrawn Sonata from the Indian market back in Feb this year due to low demand from the sedans’ segment. It apparently seems to have made more space for the Accord to spawn into. Thus, the exact date of launch is not confronted. One can expect it to happen at the time when new Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb will launch their sedans (including diesel versions) in India.

Hence, it is not easy for a carmaker to earn the profits from selling those sedans in India. After all, they are launched to mark a very aggressive brand image in a country like India. Otherwise, the sedans are already having their fair share from the current trend, leaving behind the sedans way far than ones’ thought.

New Honda Jazz India Launch On July 8 2015

Faced backlash due to the rising demand of diesel, Honda Cars India reverted with its first diesel engine for the country under Amaze. Followed by the launch in 2013, it used the same successful 1.5-L iDTEC diesel in the new City too.

Now, after gaining strong hold of both the segments, Honda is eying to apply the same formula in hatchback as well. The expensive Jazz which was discontinued for the lack of diesel engine, and some criticisms also reported for its expensive pricing, is now ready to venture into the market once again with a fresh look.

Reportedly, the launch of new-gen Jazz will take place on July 8, 2018, where numerous teasers have already flooded the social media platforms of Honda.

New Honda Jazz India Launch On July 8 2015

In the bay of this hatchback from Honda, two engine options are meant to take over, apparently lifted from the Amaze. A 1.2-L petrol and 1.5-L diesel will go strong in posting its sales over the chart, after mated to a five-speed manual transmission as standard. CVT is speculated for the petrol strongly, but none of the concrete proofs had made to the desk until now.

Once launched, the new Jazz may take over Maruti Swift at the first sight, which will then eye the Hyundai i20 Elite, followed by Volkswagen Polo, Tata Bolt and new Fiat Punto Evo.

Well, the maker is serious about its cars in India, so this time a sensitive pricing strategy is expected from Honda with regards to the launch of Jazz. After all, the new machine with rich features like touchscreen infotainment system, alloy wheels, and built on the emphasis of ‘max-man min-machine’, surely needs an attractive price tag (rather than premium segmentation) to make a gate-crashing entry into the segment.

New Honda Jazz Reached Dealerships: Spy-Shots

‘New Honda Jazz reached dealerships’, is what all Indians were waiting to find out. And here it is. As spotted in a red shade standing stunningly in the parking lot, this car is the new Honda Jazz and is dispatched to a dealership for the preview.

Looking to its design, anyone can easily link it to the Honda repertoire. The familiar Honda face, with headlamps connected by the slat and a chrome strip underneath it highlight the cause. Turning to the rear, its tail lamps are unique and are quite distinct as per the older model.

New Honda Jazz

However, the cabin is reported to remain spacious just like any other Honda cars, applied by the motto of maximum man-minimum machine. And with such nature, it is doubted to claim the hatchback with leading space in its class.

The engine bay is meant to sip power from a 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine, where the former option may also get a CVT (automatic) transmission as optional.

Hence, the price strategy witnessed before made the Jazz to fall on the pricier side, which will get dropped this time. Instead, a very strategic pricing route will be followed with the hatchback strictly rivaling the likes of Hyundai i20, Swift and others. At last, it is the launch that will state its final verdict on July 8, 2015 with expectations ranging between Rs 5.2-5.5 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. Thanks to the immense localization for the purpose, near to 90%.

Stay tuned to us for more details.

Lodgy Surpasses Mobilio In The First Month Of Launch: Innova & Ertiga Continue Domination

Renault India’s big name for the market is doing pretty well. It is better scaled when that MPV was pitted against the number of rivals. The Lodgy, in its first month of launch has taken over Honda Mobilio, leaving it scathed to look for something new to smooth the road.

For the month of April 2015, Renault rolled out 2032 units of the large MPV as against the paltry figure of 689 Honda. Reportedly, the month was proven a bad one for Honda, due to its own constraints in the production it didn’t managed to sell the max numbers of the model. Otherwise, in general condition, Mobilio rakes up to 2-3k units a month, which is quite satisfactory looking down to the market conditions. Thus, there was a juggle in the line of production of variants, which is why the Japanese carmaker lacked behind the French, where they managed to grab this chance and register better result on the sales sheet.

On another side of pond, Ertiga managed to whoop a decent figure of 4181 units, whereas Innova continues its offensiveness to onslaught others by its oppressive 5285 unit sales.

Lodgy Surpasses Mobilio In The First Month Of Launch

Hence, that was all to say about the sales of MPVs last month, but the interesting part is to see what this Renault MPV can do in the future where the Chevrolet is also trying to roll in the Spin MPV. And the figures it has cracked in the initial 30 days is rated below the good, and slightly above the poor, because the promotion and marketing strategies always end up in bringing good results to a new car, where they then settle for less in the coming days.

Euro-Spec Honda Civic Spotted In India

Don’t get excited, as Honda hasn’t confirmed to launch the new Civic in India. The latest spy-shot from factory of Honda Cars India in Rajasthan has raised the eyebrows, but since the maker is in a mood to focus on the launch of new Jazz, it has ruled out the possibility of the launch of Civic in this country.

The spotted test mule is the left-hand drive variant, and is a hatchback version. The model is actually imported in the country for R&D purpose, but not for the launch, said one of the sources. In fact, the Civic sedan was drawn off the sales floor India back in 2012 due to the reason it wasn’t bringing the needed sales to the book because of the lack of diesel engine. And the Accord too was rolled from the operations here due to the same reason. To counter the competition and push the drowning sales up, first diesel engine of Honda debuted with Amaze in 2013, followed by City, and now the Jazz will also bear a one underneath its hood, called 1.5-litre i-DTEC.

As of now, Honda is keen to focus on the mass sellers products to enhance its market share. For the same it seems to launch the new Jazz during the next couple of months. Jazz will pitch the sales against the likes of Maruti Swift, Tata Bolt and Volkswagen Polo. The enormous response from the market for such cars (hatchbacks), and the diesel engine proving worth to those aforementioned models of Honda – Amaze and City, it looks the new launch will become a cakewalk for the Honda sales persons to achieve their monthly targets.

Euro-Spec Honda Civic Spotted In India

However, it is very disappointing to see the new Civic standing on our shores but couldn’t lend a drive to the enthusiasts like us. Yet, at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016 this maker will bring the new seven-seat crossover and the new Accord, with no provisions of Civic is announced to raise the bar.

Euro-Spec Honda Civic Spotted In India

Thus, if by any chance one may expect to see this Civic coming through, then may have got to wait for more two-three years to get the hands on.

Euro-Spec Honda Civic Spotted In India

Image Courtesy: Gaadi Waadi

Pre-Launch Preparation For New Jazz Is In Full Swing At Honda

The new Jazz is ready to jazz up the scenario for Honda Cars India as soon it will launch by July 2015. For the overflowing demand, Honda has readied manufacturing facility to cope up with them. The facility at Rajasthan has seen the huge investment of Rs 380 crore to pace up the number of cars rolled out from 120k units to 180k units every year from 2016. Another facility at Noida too is running at full force, and the maker is operating two shifts to manage the production in either of the manufacturing units. So, as a result to make slot for new Jazz, Honda will prioritize the model against the existing one to serve the purpose. Apparently, it seems the Brio will get set at backburner to accommodate the new Jazz, as the maker sold only 800 units of this compact car during the past month due to lack of diesel engine.

For the launch of new Jazz, Honda Cars India said to boost the localization up to 90% for saving the costs, which the same strategy will paint every model of Honda available in the country, except for CR-V.

Pre-Launch Preparation For New Jazz Is In Full Swing At Honda

Under the hood, new Jazz will use the same engine of Amaze and City. The 1.5-litre i-DTEC diesel and 1.2-litre i-VTEC petrol both shall make to the list. The latter must get a CVT transmission at a later stage to beat the heat of competition in the market of hatchbacks from the likes of Hyundai i20, Maruti Swift, VW Polo and Tata Bolt.

Hence, it seems the preparation of Jazz is in full swing at Honda, we expect to see some great sales this year with the launch of the new Jazz dipped in diesel.

Honda Recalls Accord, CR-V And Civic In India Over Faulty Airbags

Late is never too late. Honda Cars India had finally realized a mistake of their when of those models that are near to the extinction. Reportedly, the maker has called 2004 CR-V and 2003-2007 Accord for replacing the faulty airbag inflator of passenger side.

The statistics of Honda replicates, there are 575 CR-Vs produced in 2004 and 10,805 Accrods manufactured during the year 2003-2007. A one 2004 Civic is also a part of the recall. The carmaker will replace the faulty part for free of cost.

However, it is been more than a decade since Honda had deployed this faulty component on the cars, but thankfully no accidents are reported due to it. This replacement is a part of the global recall that affected many other cars in various countries.

Honda Recalls Accord, CR-V And Civic In India Over Faulty Airbags

One can get his Honda sorted off this replacement at Honda dealerships across India from June 4, 2015, onwards. For getting it done, car owners can submit the VIN number on the microsite across Honda’s website to know the status about their car. However, the company also said to contact the customers directly, but since it is better to get safe on our own.

Honda Recalls Accord, CR-V And Civic In India Over Faulty Airbags

Since the recalls are increasing in the country, government is planning to prepare a policy regarding to keep a check on them.

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Spotted Undisguised

Since, we don’t have Accord on sale in India, as Honda discontinued it due to under performance of petrol engine and no availability of diesel to sustain the falling numbers. Other countries like US still use this sedan with great enthusiasm. Posted here are the first images clicked by spies of the next-model that those markets will soon see across the showrooms.

As viewed, there are numerous changes witnessed on front. Grille is the major one to name, where others that follow the pursuit are headlamps, bumper, decklid garnishes and tail lamps.

Due to very scarce details about the powertrain, it is believed the V6 variant shall receive some minor amendments like direct fuel-injection and 9-speed auto transmission in the 2016 model. The other models in lineup must conclude only minor bump of power if needed.

2016 Honda Accord Sedan Spotted Undisguised

Thus, as per to a source, four-cylinder engine is going to occupy the start of pricing list with the favorite manual transmission. Though, the new face of Honda Accord is quite late to the market as its immediate rivals like Volkswagen Passat, Toyota Camry and others received it way back.

Image Courtesy: Car and Driver