2017 Nissan Terrano Facelift To Launch In India On March 27

Nissan India has confirmed that they will be launching the updated Nissan Terrano SUV in India on March 27. The SUV is one of the most popular products in the company’s line-up of models in the country. One of the reasons behind it is the ride quality that it offers but as time passed by it was felt that the car needs a few updates here and there.

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New Dealership Opened by Nissan in Rajasthan

A new dealership named Bhaskar Nissan has been opened in Rajasthan by Nissan India. The dealership is located at Sikar and will look after the service and sales of both the Datsun as well as the Nissan brands.

With the launch of this dealership, the company has effectively managed to expand their dealership network to as many as 148 cities across the country and will look to have as many as 300 touch points for sales and service in India by end 2016.


According to Managing Director, Nissan Motor India Private Limited, Arun Malhotra, the company is more than happy to see the launch of the Sikar dealership. They will look to provide the best in terms of both services and products to customers and will look to make theirs a long association. The company’s strategy in terms of growth will continue to be based on providing the customers the best when it comes to owning a Nissan and the company remains committed to expanding to as many as 300 locations by the end of 2016.

Nissan had recently opened new dealerships in Trichy, Kashmir, Tirupati, Mumbai and Nashik and this too comes in line with the huge expansion plans the company is undertaking. They are looking to inaugurate as many new facilities as possible and are keeping customer interaction at the forefront of their marketing activities with campaigns such as free check up camps being arranged on a pan India basis.

ICC Cricket Events to be Sponsored by Nissan for the Next Eight Years

The International Cricket Council (ICC) and Nissan have struck a deal wherein the latter will be sponsoring all major international cricket tournaments till 2023. This deal will make Nissan sponsor at all major tournaments that includes the ICC World Twenty20, Champions Trophy, World Cup, Women’s cricket as well as Under 19 events among others.

According to David Richardson, Chief Executive of ICC, the council is more than happy to have Nissan working with them and is looking to build a strong relationship over the next eight years. The council is also happy to welcome a global brand to their commercial portfolio and have thanked Nissan for the company’s support.


The aim of the partnership deal for Nissan will be to gain a lot of visibility in the Indian subcontinent where it is expanding operations. Other markets such as South Africa, Australia and UK are also likely to see increased interest as Nissan exports cars to these countries too.

Corporate Vice President and Global Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy Nissan, Roel de Vries said that the company will work towards creating various programmes in order to bring fans closer to the sport as well as to the company. This will include flag bearer program, global trophy tour and other such events. The first of the major events that ICC will have with the Nissan branding will be the World Twenty20 extravaganza to be held in 2016.

Second teaser of the Nissan crossover revealed; to be named GripZ

A second teaser of the Z badged GripZ crossover has been released by Nissan and this comes as part of a build up to its official launch at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show. The GripZ will be the first all-new Z car in quite some time and the launch will also mark a first for the legendary badge to have been placed on a body style that is non-coupe for the brand.

The 370Z is likely to remain the largest car that Nissan will produce as the market seems to be looking at crossovers more than the average run of the mill SUVs alone. Thus, this is a conscious decision taken by the automaker keeping the market preferences in mind.

Nissan crossover concept to be called GripZ

The crossover has been christened the GripZ as a tribute to the 240Z desert race cars, which were popular in the 1960s and the 1970s. These were characterized by big tyres and modified suspension and the crossover too seems to be cut out of the same cloth. The car has a high ground clearance and a wide stance in addition to design elements such as the V shaped badge and full LED headlights.

The launch of the GripZ is slated to be one of the most anticipated on the first day of the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and it is likely to set social media abuzz when more details are finally revealed by the company at the event.

Nissan GT-R Coming to India in Diwali

Nissan is planning some serious fireworks this Diwali. The company is planning to bring iconic GT-R to India. The car will be made available in the country through a few chosen Nissan dealerships. These dealerships would also provide technical support to customers after they choose to buy the car.

The car will be brought to India through the CBU route and will only be available in the metros initially. Price of the GT-R is expected to be around Rs.2 crore and it will compete in the Indian market with the likes of Mercedes Audi R8, Porsche 911 Carrera and the recently launched Ferrari California.

Nissan GT-R Coming to India in Diwali

Powered by a massive 560bhp 3.8-liter V6 engine, the Nissan GT-R is a sure headturner on the road. The car combines sporty performance with everyday features and that’s what makes it a winner amongst car lovers all over the world. With all this power in its belly the GT-R hops from zero to 100kmph in less than 3 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 310kmph. In fact, the Nissan GT-R still holds the record of being the 5fth fastest car at the Nurburgring racing track. The GT-R comes with electronic launch control and all-wheel drive.

2017 to see the launch of Datsun Go facelift

The most affordable car from the Nissan stable in the Indian market, the Datsun Go, is ready to be seen in an updated version come 2017. This comes as a result of customer demands and expectations much like the Go NXT, which had better styling as well as add-ons. The facelift too is expected to be along these lines.

The Datsun Go hasn’t been selling extremely well since its launch and the car, which is spacious as well as competitively priced, is looked upon as under equipped and cheap. Moreover, it does not seem to have the frills that associated cars such as the Alto and the i10 have and therefore has been unable to draw first time car buyers.

2017 to see the launch of Datsun Go facelift

Nissan also has the Datun Redi Go hatchback in the pipeline and it is below the Go when it comes to pricing. Therefore it needs to showcase the Go as a premium buy to ensure buyers and to justify the higher price. Also, considering that the Redi Go would be on the CMF-A modular platform and is also likely to be styled better, the Go will really have to be pulled up in terms of its appeal to continue to remain relevant to consumers. However, where the Go will have a distinct advantage would be in terms of space, particularly rear knee as well as shoulder room making it the car to go for in terms of those looking for more space.

200th dealership of Nissan India to be opened next month

Presently, Nissan has been doing fairly well in India with its fleet of cars that are efficient as well as practical. However, as a brand, they need to work on their dealership network which is still at a fairly nascent stage in the country. This would make cars available to more and more customers and keeping this in mind, the brand recently announced that they would be inaugurating their 200th dealership in India.

The new dealership is based in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh and is part of the steps the brand is taking to establish as many as 300 dealerships in India by end 2016. The overall that Nissan has set out for itself is to have 5 per cent of the overall market share in India by 2020 and considering the rate at which they are expanding and launching new cars, this just might be quite possible.

200th dealership of Nissan India to be opened next month

The program is likely to work in Nissan’s favour in what has largely been an uphill struggle in the Indian market. Even though they have an excellent set of cars, they haven’t been able to reach the consumers and even their budget offering, the Datsun hasn’t done exceedingly well.

In line with the expanding dealership, the company is also releasing new cars, which includes the Datsun Go facelift and the Redi Go. Nissan is looking to grow aggressively in the foreseeable future and needs to start focusing across segments to establish itself as a long run player.

Next-gen Nissan Z to be a Crossover?

The Nissan Z series have ruled the small sports car segment all over the world for about four decades now. But it seems, Nissan is planning a little change in the Z series. This time the company plans to launch a Z badged crossover. A concept version of the same is expected to be showcased at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September. The plan is to meet with new age demands and tap into the Z series popularity to keep the Z brand alive and going.

Dimensionally, the new Nissan Z will fall between the Juke and the Qashqai and will have the Nissan-Renault’s Common Module Family (CMF) platform as its underpinning. No design details f the car is available yet, but if rumours are to be believed then it seems the new Z will have styling elements borrowed from a sports coupe.

Next-gen Nissan Z to be a Crossover?

ON the engine front, the new Nissan Z could carry a 1.6-liter turbocharged powertrain in its higher-end versions, while other variants may see the use of either a 1.2-liter or 1.5-liter four-cylinder engines.

The Z may enter production sometime in 2017 and price of its higher-end versions could equal that of the Qashqai.