100 cars crashed during an accident in UK: The biggest single accident in Britain’s history due to fog

When then incident like car-crashes occurs, it’s almost interesting to see what remnants lie there on the accident-site, and those smashingly bursting smell of fuel around the crash-spot makes us feel sometimes better.

This time in UK, more than 100 cars got crashed in an accident, and around 200 people got injured in the mishap. However, this incident occurred on the Thursday morning at 7.15 a.m. when the ‘fog’ affected visibility on new Sheppey four-lane crossing bridge in Kent. The whole area was in the jaws of it for about 10 minutes. And by that time a HCV driver bravely blocked the way so that other motorists can’t go further. This action of him was taken in the preventive stance, but all his efforts turned upside down by fog, and a wreck of metal screeches the Sheppey bridge for 500 yards with the vehicles rammed into each other.

One of the witness said, the motorists followed each other blindly on the way and hence they all landed in the same place where others were already jam-packed in their vehicles due to the mishap. Instead, if some of them would have used the fog lamps embedded on their vehicles then such collision may have been avoided.

100 cars crashed during an accident in UK The biggest single accident in Britain's history due to fog
Though, there seems the recovery team did their job blissfully, and hence the bridge was then open to public by same day at 5.30 p.m. Hopefully, only 33 injured were taken to the hospital after this incident, but the Institute of Advanced Motorists claimed it as the ‘Biggest single fog accident’ in British history – and ‘amazingly’ nobody lost the life.

100 cars crashed during an accident in UK

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