1350 HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Turbo is the Record Winner of All Quarter Mile!

As the drag race is catching trend in India rapidly, and the launch of Jeep brand on Indian shores is also nearing by, we then decided to publish this content which we assume very exciting while looking at the aspiring context of Indian audience.

Not much to hold you up there, the Jeep that is shown in this video is a clear winner of the Unlim 500+ event title hat was recently held in Russia. And as usual, we follow the rubber burning excitement wherever it goes on the earth. And when it comes to the topic of quarter mile drag race, which in fact doubles up the excitement than F1 in a much lesser time than those long vying aspirations, we then wastes no time to pull out those stuffs from the whole clutter.

Here in this clipping, the Jeep Cherokee SRT-8 had been mellowed down with a turbocharged 7.0L V8 which transforms traction on all the wheels with force of 1350 horses. When pitted against the Audi RS6, a 1000hp mammoth, it then found a very close yet throat cutting competition. Besides, when the Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG, that too with 1000 hp, stood in the rivaling lane then also the Jeep had won the race in initial seconds of beginning itself. One can clearly see the Merc lacking in the turbo lag at early stages, for which we recommend the Germans to work aggressively on it to cater their vehicles right in the slot of some rubber burning competition.

1350 HP Jeep Grand Cherokee Turbo is the Record Winner of All Quarter Mile
Apart, we are now eagerly waiting for the Fiat to land Grand Cherokee on Indian shores so that we too can experience this sort of excitement on the fastest yet toughest niche bug. Hope so, yours excitement may also had notched some miles up for the launch of Jeep here on Indian roads, that’s all after watching the video is but obvious!

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