2012 BMW 3 Series: At a glance

The 2012 BMW 3 Series is one of the most striking luxury cars that appeals to any car enthusiast in the very first glimpse. If you are also looking to add a BMW 3 Series to your garage, you can pick one from among available three trim levels.

In the petrol 328i, you will get just the Sport Line that features 18-inch alloy wheels, black gloss touches on the exterior that befits the sports moniker the best. You can also choose to have leather interiors in a range of hues.

2012 BMW 3 Series At a glance

The diesel 320d is available in a Luxury Line trim, and an unnamed as well as the Sport Line variants. This interior of this vehicle gives a more premium feel, while 17-inch wheels and lots of dashes of chromes add to the exterior beauty of the car. The 4-cylinder diesel power plant of the car blends common-rail direct injection with different geometry turbocharger to produce power and torque of 184PS and 380Nm respectively.

There is also a normal trim that has not been given a name. This option is available only on the 320d. If you fear you will forget the trim level that you have purchased, there will be sill plate that will spell the trim out for you.

All the above-mentioned trims come equipped with the same overall design theme; the material will differ depending on which trim you choose. The F30 BMW 3 series has been stretched by 93mm in length and by 50mm in its wheelbase. Legroom has also been improved. The multimedia screen sheds its second-dome treatment for a completely flat screen which sticks out of the centre-console.

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