2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India: Review

It’s Swift a one recalls in India on seeing the Suzuki logo. The fact is well-known by company and it leaves no stone unturned to make the most of it. Swift Dzire, the compact sedan of hatchback Swift, is the only model that outsells other in its class. Though, even after going a facelift the car hasn’t changed much, but the amendments carried out are very substantial in nature despite being small in size. Let’s explore how they fare against the old model.

  • Exterior

Firstly, the front grille in chrome will take over the eyes. A bolder appearance gives it a typical Indian look. Complimenting on the bottom of front bumper are those fog lamps enclosures that too see chrome accents. Secondly, the headlamps on either side of the front grill with dark black hue approaches the spectator for a brawl. Tempt in aggression are an add-on via these blackened heads.

At rear, its most interesting part, nothing changes here. So, those expecting a new show from Dzire at its back will now have to carry the drive disappointingly. Simultaneously, this also turns good news for the existing owners who will not feel left out from the crowd of fresh buyers. There aren’t any amendments on the wheels even. Those 10-inchers continue the duty offering option of alloys on top-end variants.

2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India

  • Interior

Step inside the cabin, the disappointment carries on. Beige-black dashboard with wooden accents accounts for that old premium feel. Those, expecting slight changes here may have to leave the car jacket-faced. The mid-variant of Dzire holds a very flimsy plastic feel on the steering, but chrome garnishing on the top-end is a suitable option.

  • Engine

Open the bonnet, and there aren’t more surprises either. The 1.3-litre diesel and 1.2-litre petrol engine options takes on the task of fulfilling every household needs. But a slight change in gear ratio make this car’s driver to enjoy no gear shifts very often. The start line and the mid-range see power-packed performance. The ratios shortened on the gearbox also aides this activity of driving. As far as the reports goes by our friends from media, number of horses declines up to redline and car feels breathless to deliver power after a certain level. But the suspension works tirelessly to keep the brash from rough patches outside the cabin. The sound deadening materials too works the challenge the same way as suspensions.

2015 New Maruti Swift Dzire In India

  • Overview

Maruti cars in India sell well for their outstanding fuel-economy, and in diesel this time, the company has attempted a record of delivering 26.59kms from a single litre, whereas, on the petrol it sits with 20.08kmpl as per the notations of ARAI.

B-Class Facelift B200 CDI Diesel Review: First Impression

B-Class facelift launch in India may have turned many heads from the segment of niche buyers at entry-level. Though, on the aspect of reforms it wasn’t a big ticket towards the big league. At the cosmetic front, it wore several changes, but engineers have focused on technical aspects equally to deliver better experience than their first attempt in the compact MPV. We strolled around this vehicle several times, and moving our goggles down the face, it was then realized the hot blazing sun focused the tweaks that one can find only if watched carefully. So, just go through the account we have studied, and take a glimpse into the next level amendments of B-Class which it may apparently see in the form of a total makeover except for another facelift.

  • Exteriors

On the face, B-Class facelift holds up a new twin-slat front grill with the bold star logo on the forehead. Fresh bumper and cool LED headlamps were too stylish for the cars of this gen. Its sides weren’t a new treat to the eyes, but those 16-inch replaced the 17-inch shod with high profile tyres will ease the driving experience. And the fresh set of bumpers sets it for a hike in length by 34mm. Concluding its last bit of the changes carried, some chrome inputs around the exhausts make it up for a flashy good-bye.

B-Class Facelift B200 CDI Diesel

Affirming a branding statement, the nomenclature is introduced with B200 CDI model against the B180 CDI, the reason was its updated diesel engine that sends more power than before, which we will study later on.

  • Cabin

Step inside, and one would realize most of it had remained unchanged. Ranging from soft-touch materials to the build-quality, air-con vents and dashboard with brush metal finish are from the past model. Excluding it for the big change, minute amendments like C-Class steering wheel, new color for the tripmemter and a tint of sportiness on the instrument cluster are worth of the feeling of sitting behind a steering of B-Class facelift. The CLA sibling has lent its operation system and the large HD color screen to it for an advanced console. The cabin as an overall experience offers a spacious treatment, with enough room for knee and leg at the rear even. It’s the boot that to an extent caused sour experience on our note despite measuring 488-litres. That’s the spare wheel in the space leaving us grumbled for not stacking our baggage and suitcases properly snug in that small closet.

B-Class Facelift B200 CDI Diesel Review

  • Technicalities

As reported before in this column, the diesel engine has turned more powerful than before. To be specific, it is the same displacement of 2.2-litre but company has compelled it to deliver 135PS, which is approximately 26PS more than the earlier one, alongside the 300NM of torque. A 1.6-litre petrol continues to do the job like it used to do before with its 120PS of peak output.

The driving ergonomics are based out of the city’s culture. Light steer, easy cornering, and compact structure make it thoughtful for the lady drivers even. Other than its urban jungle oriented nature, the affordable Mercedes MPV also performs the highway run very peacefully. The three digit figure on speedometer do not takes away the confidence either. Mercedes had officially rated the top-whack at 210kmph. Other factors that were aiding the drive culture are ground clearance and revised suspension which were already on-board of the past model. The refined diesel engines, well-insulated cabin, and on the top of all – a better fuel-economy (approximately 20kmpl) – is like an abundantly decent package for the Indian buyers. After all, that’s the price differentiating others and B-Class facelift from each of them. Petrol motor comes at a price of Rs 27.95 lakh, where the diesel is costlier by Rs 1 lakh, falls at Rs 28.95 ex-showroom Mumbai.

B-Class Facelift B200 CDI Diesel First Impression

Hence, buying a one of the B-Class facelift is altogether a style statement (not excluding the status quo) as well as utility; both of them bind together in the wrap of luxury and German engineering. So, from our perspective, B-Class facelift isn’t a loss statement at all. Have your say in the comments section below…

Hyundai i20 Active Review – First Impression

Nothing can come close to a hatchback as big as Hyundai i20 Active, that’s what a one of the spectators uttered on seeing this car at a dealership. It too made us realize what had worked for the Hyundai despite this Active being based on the same platform of Elite i20. To our realization, we found the hatchback is improved on ground clearance and faced revamp on front grille with skid plate added underneath poses it beefier than before. Even more, those rounded fog lamps added stealth and chunkiness to the attire. Mentioned down is the whole review of what you can see on spotting a one of these on the roads, or apparently at one of your friends’ neighbor.

  • Exterior

Based on the same platform of Elite i20, the Active models gets skid plates, new bumpers, front grille, raised ground clearance of up to 190mm, plastic cladding on sides, new large fog lamps, daytime running lights, silver roof-rails and lots more on the list. Even not to mention the fuel-cap is redesigned.

Hyundai i20 Active Review

  • Interior

The cabin is directly lifted off the Elite i20, but a zing at color-play provided sporty attire. Black and orange for the darker paintjobs, whereas blue and black for the lighter options. And top-end variant turns exclusive with loads of features mentioning smart key, cooled-glove box, height adjustment for driver’s seat, sporty aluminum pedals, adjustable steering wheels (telescopic and tilt), rear AC vents, music system with Bluetooth connectivity, 1GB storage space and lots more. Orange trims on the gear-lever, around air-con vents and other spots favor it for a sporty car, where Active is just meant for the road and partly off-road experience.

Active i20 Active i20

  • Engine

In the engine bay, power options are given from a 1.2L Kappa Dual VTVT petrol engine and 1.4L U2 CRDi diesel. The former machine sends the max power of 83PS @ 6000rpm along with 11.7kgm of torque @ 4000rpm after mated to a smaller 5-speed manual gearbox. The latter (diesel) is more powerful than the former, and sends us the generous amount of 90PS @ 4000rpm with 22.4kgm of torque between 1500-2750rpm form a six-speed manual. No automatic version launched yet. As per the figures of ARAI, petrol car delivers fuel-efficiency of 17.19kmpl whereas the diesel keeps its head up with the figures of 21.19kmpl.

Hyundai i20 Active Review

  • Overall

Though, we haven’t driven it, but since our friends got this chance to slip onto the backside of its steering, it was pretty much clear from their faces, except for raised ground clearance the drive was nothing distinct than its Elite sibling.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India

Datsun’s entry was meant to show Indians a new line of options in the already clustered yet confused market of masses’ cars. The promise was delivered quite for a few notches. Earlier, the proper hatchback, dubbed as “GO”, sold at the price of a compact car and even the so called MPV “GO+” lined up at the sales floor is about to depict the same story once again.

A chance behind the steering wheel of GO+ made the vision clearer of how that partly called MPV in the skin of ‘estate’ feels when pulled out on the road.


Honestly, GO hatchback hadn’t disappointed for that given price tag. The challenge before engineers was to make the similar promise more acceptable when added with the sheet of metal over rear pillar in GO+, and turn into a spacious model without harnessing price point very distantly. As a whole, the outcome is genius. GO+ looks a complete new car, instead not a stretched version of the hatchback. Lowering end of roof and the length compressed less than 4 meters with the raising beltline successfully cut chunk of masses. It appears pretty sizeable and adorable both with that same GO front grille inclusive of other fixtures. The flick at front bumper is appreciable to make that appearance more eye-soothing.

Datsun GO Plus MPV


Model given was the top-end but still it felt like the basic trim. An only good gimmick that happened to be there was AUX connectivity.

Other than that, the plastic and numerous cost-cutting efforts can be seen in abundance. Even the company had given manually adjustable seat belts, whereas they should have not dropped out on that which is really a concern for safety. Seats lack good thigh support and paltry padding at the back makes it to go a bit uncomfortable for long runs. Must admit, the rest of cabin is crafted to suit the price for which it is going to be offered for, and nothing exceptional.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Interiors


Despite the added weight, engine still feel that punchy to take on the roads with eagerness. The revs are pretty confident to roll on any of the given road condition in India. Even when packed to the core with all the passengers, power doesn’t feel less than the appropriate. Talking about suspensions, they are stiffened and able to handle the bumps (even when the car is packed to the fullest). Corners and other undulations are soaked up but due to improper insulations the noise filter inside the cabin. Gearshifts are savored for the light response whereas the tyres don’t offer that much of grip. Otherwise, the light steering and well-grim brakes makes the job easy further.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India


The drive of car isn’t there to complain of. Every bit falls easy on the hand. In fact, shortcomings can be experienced at the cosmetic side of cabin. To make that very brief, it is rather not to expect a plush interior. Well, the third row is a total impractical effort for anyone to sit there. Only kids can go well with it that of the age below 5 years, otherwise one has to duck down upto the seat. It’s better to fold down the third row and use that space for the luggage, like it used to be in ‘estate’ kind of cars. Datsun GO Plus is a proper five-seater. No complaint looking down to its price tag.

Datsun GO Plus MPV Test Drive And Review In India

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2014 Skoda Rapid Test Drive And Review

Going fast is old, but going Rapid is all new, and here’s what he hope the Skoda had envision before getting the 2014 Rapid to market.

This new entry level saloon of Skoda is almost similar to the outgoing version, but Skoda performed some remarkable changes to make it a better competitor against the new Honda City, all new Ford Fiesta, Sunny facelift and more.

Exteriors/Styling & Design:

Firstly, the major change starts from the front itself, and that’s none other than the projector headlamps. It is projected to give a better visual appeal to the car. And apart from that, this Skoda also has the all new logo of the company earmarked everywhere from front to rear.

Sides and rear remains the same, except for the new logos. Changes apart, the car also gets fifteen-inch wheels on the Elegance trim, where the lower trims are shoed with the fourteen-inches.

2014 Skoda Rapid Test Drive And Review


Time for interiors, the steering is all new with three spokes, and the controls mounted on it pose to be late entrants in the market. USB, aux, MP3, Bluetooth connectivity and SD card compatibility enhances the package further. All variants except the base one gets airbags and ABS. The Elegance trim followed by Ambition Plus gets airbag for the passenger too.

Thoughtfully, Skoda also makes available the leather package with the 2014 Rapid, which gets the leather on steering, gear knob and seats. The automatic climate control on the top-end is the last addition to pinnacle.

Skoda Rapid Interiors

Engine and Technicalities:

On the technical front, the new updated Skoda Rapid derives the same engine of 1.6-liter petrol and 1.6-liter diesel powering the output of 105bhp. The difference in the engine bay of both the fuel trims occurs with the number of torque, as only 153 Newton Meter is delivered from the petrol motor, whereas the diesel churns out a hefty 250 Newton Meter. Paired to it are the 5-speed manual gearboxes, where the 6-speed automatic is only made available for the petrol buyers.

The engine is ultimately refined amongst its category, which brilliantly revs upto 5,500 rpm and the 0-100 kmph is jolted in a jiff of something near to 10 and 11 seconds.

2014 Skoda Rapid

Drive and Handling:

Likewise, the other Skodas available in India, this car on the drivability is a total frolic. The ticker swiftly moves to the north, and toward redline too is not a hectic at all. Every time the pedal is hit in each of the gears raw power of the car can be felt desirably. Sharp turns and dive into corners tendered smiles to our faces every time. Complementing to it is the astonishing fuel-efficiency. Our car clocked notches-near-to 14 and 15 kilometer per liter overall, which was also bound to go up to till 18-19 kmpl if run solely on highways. The braking to pull out the fun in time before its gets too late is sufficient which locks the wheels in over almost no time.

New Skoda Rapid


The 2014 Skoda Rapid poses as a great buy for the money value, and also never turns down the enthusiasts with its dashing performance. Competition in the market is already risen a notch above. The new features added on 2014 Rapid are going to help this entry-level Skoda sedan for some more time. But, we guess, the all new Rapid must be there in the works that shall definitely make the Skoda to mark a return to this segment with “Vengeance”!

Skoda Rapid Test Drive And Review