2012 Honda Civic among the globe’s 10 best green cars

The 2012 Honda Civic has been appreciated from the time of its launch and now another jewel has been added to its prestigious crown. It has been selected as one of the best 10 green cars globally by the Kelley Blue Book. The car received the position in this prestigious list not only because of its fuel efficiency, but also for reliable attributes and comfortable riding which this car offers to its passengers. The 2012 Honda Civic is currently available in three different engine variants that give ultimate fuel efficiency on the highway at 40 miles per gallon of fuel. Don’t be so surprised with the mileage figure because this is nothing but normal for the hybrid gas/electric, natural gas or the gas car engines, either of which settles inside the bonnet of 2012 Honda Civic.

Other than an exceptional mileage this car generates very less greenhouse gas. This simple yet elegant fact makes it more attractive to the green car buyers around the globe. There is a very good reason why buyers who are not that eco-conscious will also go for it. In the present market scenario where the conventional fuel price is on a constant rise, something that would give better mileage at a low cost fuel is preferred by the consumer. From the usual gas fuel the consumer has shifted to diesel, now from diesel they wish to shift to anything that is further low-cost in terms of fuel price, yet it should provide excellent mileage as well. This trend has also prompted the people to go for fuel efficient cars rather than mere luxurious ones.

2012 Honda Civic
With 2012 Honda Civic the firm introduced a new product in the automobile market of the globe that gives three wonderful options to choose from. Although it will be expensive compared to the conventional fuel cars when purchased, but the overall usage will reimburse most part of the money since the car will burn less fuel. A drop in regular fuel usage will prompt more and more people to go for this car of Honda. This new car not only delivers in terms of fuel efficiency, but also gives its owners aluxurious cabin.Cars like these are making steady growth in their share of automobile market lately as more and more people are drawn towards it either by choice or compulsion to save money on expensive fuel.

As per a senior official of the American subsidiary of Honda said lately, “The sedan 2012 Honda Civic makes the range of fuel-efficient engine options available to the buyer and thus become eligible to be addressed as a complete package for anyone who is keen on buying this kind of vehicle. The firm is very delighted for its car has been recognized as one of the ten versatile offering in its category by the editorial panel of the Kelley Blue Book.”

Presently, in India the line-up of Honda cars like Honda Brio, Honda Jazz and Honda City are being sold in a large volume.

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