Top Positions of Dakshin Dare Rally 2012 secured by Mahindra Adventure Team

For some time now the automobile adventure events in India are coming up in a big way with an increased volume of automobile competitions taking place in the country not only in the racing tracks, but also in the open sanctuary spread across miles and miles. These off road rallies have come up in a big way recently. Taken up by many automobile enthusiasts as an alternative sports these days, it has become a very successful phenomenon.

In the recent Dakshin Dare 2012 Rally, Team Mahindra Adventure took the lead with top titles in this 4th edition of the strenuous rally that lasted five long days and concluded in Bangalore. The Mahindra XUV 500 was the machine that topped the charts of this heavy duty rally with its unmatched grit. The National champion in driving rally cars Gaurav Gill with his co-driver Musa Sheriff and Lohitt with his co-driver Chipong Chiwan displayed extreme determination to secure the two top places in the Ultimate (Extreme) category. This victory has given the Mahindra XUV 500 a spot where no other diesel SUV has ever reached by winning in the extreme category of such rallies in India.

Top Positions of Dakshin Dare Rally 2012 secured by Mahindra Adventure Team
Sanjay Takale with co-driver Musthafa and Karthick Maurthi with co-driver Sankar Anand made this Rally extraordinary for the Team Mahindra Adventure in the Mahindra Scorpio. This SUV of Mahindra made it to the first and second positions respectively in the Rally category of Endurance.  To add spice to these two victories, K.S.Venkatesh with his co-driver Chandrasekaran manoeuvred his strong Mahindra Thar through to the finish line before the rest could catch up them in the corporate category of the Rally.

Senior Vice-President, Marketing, Automotive Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Mr.Vivek Nayer was very pleased of this magnificent performance and success of the Mahindra Adventure rally team. He stated very proudly that, “This all category victory by the vehicles of Mahindra is the testimony to the rugged and tough ‘Mahindra DNA’ that runs in every fibre of its machines. In all the automobile events of southern terrain the vehicles of Mahindra has shown a confidence and determined manoeuvring ability under the extreme track conditions. The rallies tested the machines beneath the bonnets and the body’s strength to take the pressure of its surrounding. The vehicles have indeed created history time and again with their successful performance in the most significant manner possible. The firm is proud to have come victorious in one of the most gruelling rallies. The winning teams do deserve a very special mention for their huge passion to take on to these challenges, their grit to win and follow their heart’s calling for adventure.”

Top Positions of Dakshin Dare Rally 2012 secured by Mahindra Adventure Team
The results of the Dakshin Dare Rally 2012 for Mahindra & Mahindra’s tem is as mentioned below.

Extreme Category

1. Gaurav Gill/Musa Sheriff (Mahindra)
2. Lohit Urs/Chipong Chiwan (Mahindra)
5. Suhem Kabeer/Jeeva Rathinam (Mahindra)

Endurance Category

1. Sanjay Takale/Musthafa (Mahindra)
2. Karthick Maruthi/Sankar Anand (Mahindra)

Corporate Category

1. Venkatesh/Chandrasekaran (Mahindra)

This victory has put the Mahindra XUV 500, Scorpio and Thar again amongst the hot favouritesin the SUV and Off-Road segment. Diesel SUVs till now never won any rallies, but XUV 500 changed that scenario completely by winning a title in this rally. Mahindra & Mahindra will definitely utilise the victory statistics of this rally into its sales advertisement strategy.

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