2013 Ferrari California revealed ahead of Geneva

Ferrari announced the lighter and more powerful version of the California soft-top, which will showcase at Geneva Motor show next month.

With the engine management system remapped and new exhaust manifolds installed, this 4.3 litre V8 gets a staggering 30 bhp more giving a final figure of 490 bhp max power and 372 lb-ft of torque.

2013 Ferrari California revealed ahead of Geneva
Apart from under the hood alterations, Scaglietti Centre of Excellence also upgrades the car chassis with cutting-edge aluminum fabrication technique and construction technology. This has a phenomenal reduction in the weight of the convertible. The new model weighs 30kg lighter than its predecessor with the structural rigidity unaltered. However, this does not improve its 0-62 mph time, with the new California doing it a tenth of a second quicker. The predecessor did a 0-62mph is 3.9secs.

Ferrari has also announced a Handling Speciale package including stiffer springs, 10% quicker steering ratio and 50% speeded up ECU that controls the Magnetorheological dampers.

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