2013 Honda CR-V to Debut on 12th February

A couple of months back Honda discontinued selling Honda CR-V, in order to gear up all the heat for its forthcoming 2013 specific model.

Honda CR-V was a game changer at the time when it reached Indian shores, as was the first SUV offering under sophisticated skin. Lest of all past, the new Honda CR-V is going to debut in India on 12th February 2013 i.e. tomorrow. We are very much sure that a new style statement will be derived on its arrival, as the outlook cues seems set to lock horns with BMW X1, Audi Q3, forthcoming Volvo V40, Toyota Fortuner and many others.

2013 Honda CR-V
Shredding some lights on underpinnings, it is learnt that 2013 Honda CR-V will be imported in CKD (completely knock down) form to lower price tag as unlikely to CBU (completely built units) route that of its predecessors. Providing with options of 2.0 liter and 2.4 liter petrol heads, torque figure is also increased to comply with swift flowing lines. However, diesel jag’s entry looks impossible at present but might be able to take lead in future because of scorching competitive heat. Overall, it is shorter in length than its previous one, but holds a bolder three bar front grille safeguarding brand new headlights.

Taillamps are in vertical form reclining our attention towards Volvo SUV series. One too can check themselves below.

2013 Honda CR-V Back View

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