Duster Crosses 400,000 Production Mark

Being tagged as the world’s cheapest SUV, now Renault Duster claims another title under its feet, i.e. of 400,000 production mark.

As being the cheapest, Renault had not taken its quality standards to some unsatisfactory plot and due to this it had remained a first preference among buyers. Though, we also love this vehicle very much, as it offers driving experience like that of a French Wine – smooth and subtle on all paces. At such price band, no other vehicle delivers that much value for money.

The picture over here is of 400,000th unit that is being rolled out from Mioveni factory in Romania. It is equipped with 1.5 liter dCi engine that pumps out 110 hp on all wheels. Draped in Grey Platine and a high end version itself, this will be delivered to the doorstep of a French customer.

Duster Crosses 400,000 Production Mark

However, Renault Duster can be spotted almost in every part of world but especially in ‘Western Europe’, as being its prominent afficando.

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