2013 Super Car Club – Parx Car Show of Mumbai to be honored by Hannu Mikkola

Parx Car Show is one such event organized by the prestigious Super Car Club (SCC) which looks forward to increase the enthusiasm of automobiles and Motor Sports in Mumbai. This year it is going to hit the city on 26th and 27th Jan 2013. This one will be now bigger and better as compared to the previous lapses. Hannu Mikkola, legendary rally driver, will serve as Guest of Honor to the occasion which will offer display of Supercars fleet at Polo Grounds, RWITC, Mahalikshmi Race Course and also its Rally to glorify the long back planted culture.

Mr. Gautam Singhania, CMD of Raymond Limited and Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India posed themselves as the pillars of the SCC. Due to their hard works and passion for automobiles had made this quenching dream come to reality. It is positively correct in itself because, some five years back, Gautam Singhania is the sole person to bring in the first Lamborghini to Mumbai. Now his grunts had caught fire in the whole of nation. Delhi and Chennai had also become victim to his event. It is not the end of road, Raymond CMD took a convoy of 35 CEOs to the thrilling expedition in Rockies of Leh-Laddakh. They also headed to Heaven on the Earth – Kashmir, LOC and some other locations as well. This year states of North East Frontier and Bhutan is marked into the calendar of this Battalion, which will be later on followed by some trips to Nevada and other parts of Europe.

Parx Car Show of Mumbai

Till last year, Parx Car Show was just 1 day event which now had grown to a couple of it. For the first time in history, carmakers like Lamborghini and Audi will launch Roadster and R8 P1 respectively, at the show. Other speed monsters which will also face the limelight are models of Audi, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, and the king of all – Rolls Royce.

Schedule of the event are as follows: On 26th Jan, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. all the beauties will be on display at Polo Grounds, RWITC, Mahalakshmi, Race Course, which will be a chance for viewers to feast on it. Slot of 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. is booked for school kids and then later on it is open for general spectators.

Parx Super Car Show

Parx Super Car Show 2013 in India Parx Super Car Show in India

The second day, i.e. 27th Jan will witness the speedsters rolling on our streets displaying their glory with all its wisdom to the whole of Mumbai. For anyone who is desirable to become a part of this tempt can follow the route is which mentioned below.

Turf Club – Nariman Point – Marine Drive – Walkeshwar – Malabar Hill – Kamla Nehru Park – Kemps Corner – Breach Candy – Haji Ali – Worli Sea Face – Regroup at start of Sea Link – Regroup after Sea Link – Kalina – U Turn under flyover at Sahara Star – Kalina – Regroup before toll on Sea Link – Sea Link – Worli Sea Face – NSCI – Race Course.

2013 Parx Super Car Show

Parx Super Car Show 2013 Mumbai Lamborghini

On this huge achievement, Mr. Singhania said, “The annual super cars display and parade in Mumbai has now become a sought-after event every January. This Edition of Parx Super Car Show will have India’s best and most powerful supercars on display.” He also hopes that this will boost the enthusiasm of car lovers in the nation as it offers a chance to view all the super models at a single location. It had already increased the interest among super cars owner for the Club’s flagship show as it geared up to one of the biggest car shows of the country.

Started from 2009, this one is now in its fifth generation. Some more bits which Mr. CMD added in the last stage are, the bookings for Bhutan had received an overwhelming response as it completed its full quota of 50 entries in the span of merely 12 hours. He also said that the club is organizing a day-out event on the Buddh International Circuit which allows owners of supercharged metals to unleash its potential to the core by keeping our streets safe. Raymonds Head and some of his likeminded are doing R&D on Mitsubishi Lancer (and some other rear wheel as well) to re-engineer it as a Drift Car and then disperse it in society for cultivating drift culture in India. Drifting tracks in Banglore, Delhi and some other cities, except Bombay are in the pipeline of future plans. Bombay became out of the question because of high costing per hectare of land.

Parx Super Car Show 2013

Lamborghini logo Bentley logo

Gautam also had future plans of bringing in some more motor sports here. To an extent, he is focused on two wheelers dignity as well.

Kindly Note: Mr. Gautam Singhania had personally requested all the viewers and traffic-on-rally-route to provide them with efficient lane spaces, so that they can move in a row by delighting any of the spectators with whole bounty.

Mr. Gautam Singhania

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