2014 Mercedes Benz C class spotted

Automobile manufacturers from all over the world are diverting their sources and attention towards the highly blooming Asian car market. The reason behind this change in the trend is that the European and American economy which has slowed down significantly due to the current crisis. Mercedes Benz too is trying to monopolize the Asian markets including India.

The company has been extensively working on improving its line-up in India and has launched a GL class SUV, an A class premium hatchback, a B class diesel tourer, a new E class and E class AMG variant back to back within a short span of time. Now it seems like MB is trying to change its line up globally as well. Various MB vehicles are undergoing test drives at different locations. This time, Its latest venture, the much awaited Mercedes Benz 2014 C class has been spotted by WorldCarFans. They have succeeded in clicking pictures of the 2014 MB C class while it was test driving and now we can have a peek at the car’s exterior as well as its interior.

Looking at the car we can say that it looks like a down sized S class. This new C class is using an MRA platform which will allow MB to offer its renowned 4 MATIC wheel drive to the right hand drive models. MB has always lagged behind in offering 4 wheel drive system to right hand drive models but now that will end with this C class. The car will be longer by about 100 mm and 80 mm on the wheelbase. So the new C class will have an overall length of 4700 mm. Even with an increased length, the car will weigh around 70 kg less than the present model and will have a total weight of less than 1,380 kg. The trunk capacity in this model will most probably be around 500 liters.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
This 2014 C class will make a debut at the Detroit Motor Show, going to be held in January next year. It is expected to go on sale by the month of August in 2014. The car will enter the market with various body styles. The company will launch a coupe, a convertible, a cabriolet and a plug- in hybrid model by the year 2015. The plug in hybrid model is said to have a 20 kW battery offering a power output of 27 bhp. The C class will be available with various engine options. We will see a gasoline run model, an electric powered vehicle or a combination of both.

Conventional models will have a V6 4 cylinder engines. The car can have a 4 cylinder engine of 1.6 liter capacity offering a maximum output of 153 bhp or it can have a 4 cylinder engine of 2 liter capacity having an output of 181 bhp. The CDI 4 cylinder engine with a 2.2 liter capacity will churn out a power of 168 bhp and 228 bhp. There will also be a V6 engine of 3 liter capacity capable of producing a power of 328 bhp. The top end variant, AMG version, is expected to have a V8 engine of 4 liter capacity which will churn out a power of somewhere around 456 bhp.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Interiors
This 2014 model of C class is going to be more spacious and luxurious than the present C class models. The car is endorsing a newly designed front fascia which is carrying a larger grille along with the MB badge. The car is also having snapped back LED headlights. The car rear has also been upgraded and gets new tail lights probably from the S class,. The interiors too have been redesigned. It has a new dashboard which has a dominating central stack with circular air vents and wood trim. The pictures which have been revealed also show that the car is housing a magnificent infotainment system along with a digital control placed above the “Command” knob. The car might also offer more leg room for the back seats and a greater luggage carrying capacity.

The new C class will compete with the BMW 3 series which has received a great response from the masses. Mercedes Benz US CEO, Mr Steve Cannon said that “We were fighting the 3 Series with two arms tied behind our back, and now we will change that.”

Image Courtesy : WorldCarFans

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