BMW 3 Series rival Jaguar XS may get its power from 2.0 litre 240hp engine: Spy Video

The ‘test runs’ at Nürburgring had always proven results for the automakers, and had proven beneficiary for the media houses too. To answer the query ‘how’, it is stated in the way, spies hiding in the bushes of racetrack captures the test mules in their most active moment, and then send us the same to make you relish upon. And at times, lot of vehicles being caught there without any camouflage has been rolled out in the production specific too. Lest of all, this time it is the turn of most aspirated Jaguar called ‘XS’ who will soon compete the BMW 3 Series very aggressively.

Already spied a couple of times in the outer-shell of elder sibling ‘XF’, the XS had been seen wearing the same in this spy video clip too. Hence, there lies no reason for one to go kudos on this spy clip, as what they may be thinking right now, but let us tell you the important fact this short video had claimed. It is that, ‘the XS may use Range Rover Evoque’s 2.0L four cylinder turbocharged engine producing approximately 240bhp at the best’. And as both the auto brands (Jaguar and Range Rover) being owned by Tata Motors the technology borrowing smells strong in this case.

Well, that is what all the technicalities can be revealed by hearing the sound of vehicle screeching on the tarmac, but the cosmetic expectations says, it will be a ticket smaller than the newly launched F-Type and would host the nose of XF to align the best of sophistication and also to gain the Jag’s competitive trademark over others.

Jaguar XS

The test mules conducting test rounds on the famous Nürburgring means, good news may come officially from the automaker at a near future appealing it.

Video Courtesy: TouriClips

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