2014 Toyota Corolla Teased Again

Lastly we were following the trails of Toyota Furia Concept teaser that was going to made debut at 2013 Detroit Auto Show, and now the Toyota had started teasing 2014 Corolla via a cool number of teaser shots. Though the Furia was said to be the new Corolla, but on seeing the new teaser images we came to know production spec to be quite different from Detroit’s display model.

Looking at the image, Japanese carmaker this time had teased the secondary air damp of car. The air damp is looking a bit less aggressive and sophisticated than the Furia concept. Instead of being fluidic, the new air damp is hexagonal in shape. Not much known but for the newbie but we can expect Toyota to reveal the new Corolla in this month itself, specifically on 6th of June.

2014 Toyota Corolla
However, New Corolla will be a cosmetic makeover rather than the technical one. Hence, the same engine to be carried in its bay respectively to the markets that it is sold in. Changing the image of Corolla, Toyota is playing a big risk on its shoulder because the bespoken model plate, which is the worlds best on sales card and also the badge that had taken the respective car moniker to the top of global auto industry, deserves to be in this type of position.

New Toyota Corolla

We loved the Furia concept a lot due to its sporty yet sophisticated image; and now looking at this teaser we are expecting more of the sophistication rather than the sportiness. Hence, the automaker should take cues from Hyundai Elantra, Honda Civic and lot more in the same line.

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