2015 Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG revealed

Mercedes Benz has revealed few details of C-Class AMG 2015. Images of the car and details are available on the Mercedes Benz passion page. The car has not been launched as a separate AMG variant, it is rather a lineup of the AMG on the normal C-Class car. There are certain changes that the car will have compared to the normal C-Class.

The exterior of the car will feature a lower spoiler in the front with enlarged air intakes and revised bumpers. The car also offers a wheelbase of 18 inches, with a 5-spoke alloy rim design which is titanium gray painted. The AMG lineup also features the Mercedes signature star, which will be positioned at the centre of the Avant-Garde grille.

The car has twin exhausts, front brake calipers, aluminum window outlining with a black finish given to the B-pillar in order to give a different look to the car. The engine, on the other hand, is considered to remain the same. The height of the car has been reduced because the sports suspension that has been added to the car has lowered the height by 15mm.

Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG

The AMG lineup for the C-Class is complete with the sporty steering along with perforated disc brakes. One of the main things that Mercedes Benz had in mind while designing the C-Class is the car should match the sporty appearance of the AMG lineup, which the company has managed to do with the new exterior design while the interiors mostly remain untouched. The actually AMG variant of the C-Class will be revealed sometime next year as the company has pointed out. The C63 AMG variant is said to feature a 4-litre twin-turbo engine instead of the V8 engine.

Mercedes Benz C-Class AMG Back View

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