Hyundai plans to launch Veloster and Equus

Hyundai has been planning to give competition to the cars in the Indian market that belong to the luxury segment. Growth of the luxury car market has motivated the company to launch two of its new cars belonging to the higher segment, the new Veloster and the Equus. The number of cars that will be available for sale will surely not be large enough at the start, but will definitely increase as the company is hoping for a good response with its aim of setting the reputation of an automobile maker that can produce expensive cars. Not only does the company want to boost its reputation by launching these two luxury cars, but it is also going to launch the sport variant of the Veloster.

Hyundai is popularly known as a car manufacturer that offers medium sized cars to the Indian market, as a result of which the company is now planning to launch only premium machines in the Indian car market. Hyundai will be setting up a different network of sales in order to make their high end cars a success.

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai is trying to test its position as a luxury car manufacturer by producing these cars while the other cars from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes are showing good sales figures. Even though the value of rupee is seen to fall in the international market, these luxury cars are showing quite a good sales figure. Equus is one of the well recognized cars in the American market, which the company is now putting to test in the Indian market. If the company prices the car well, it is expected to surely establish a strong footing in the premium car segment.

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