2015 New Volkswagen Passat Revealed

Moving Up in Life is a good sign of fortune, and here the case with the new eight-generation Volkswagen Passat doesn’t seem of a different sort. Finally, after a hulk of expectations and the numerous renderings – the 2015 Volkswagen Passat broke the cover virtually. The cosmetic gimmicks featured on this fresh generation lead its competition with the BMW and Mercedes.

Though, in actual the Volkswagen to be a rival of those upmarket automakers doesn’t make a sense, but otherwise if said to appraise the works of designers then there were no better words to describe it.

The version unveiled in the images is Europe-specific.

2015 New Volkswagen Passat Revealed

Reduced the weight by 85 kg (188 lbs) – all thanks to the lightweight VW MQB platform, the two versions of 1.4 TSI engines will be generating 125 PS and 150 PS respectively. The usually used 1.8 TSI of 180 PS is also there in the aisle of petrol engines. Diesel lineup starts with the 2.0 TSI duos with 220 PS and 280 PS. On the other side, a 1.6 TDI of 120 PS can be found partying with a trio of 2.0-liter TDIs with 150 PS, 190 PS and 240 PS.

On the comfort level, which is undoubtedly needed to be matched to those rich workhorses (we mean BMW and Merc), the wheelbase is notched longer by 79mm at 2.79 meters, which as a result moved the front wheels forward by 29mm and the rear wheels 17mm backwards. It’s also 14mm lower (at 1456mm) and 12mm wider (at 1832mm). For those who always demand a bigger boot space, thankfully the variants’ trunk’s capacity is now increased by 47 liters to 650 liters while the sedan’s trunk has expanded by 21 liters to 586 liters.

2015 New Volkswagen Passat interiors

The more “economical” audience is also disappointed, as the car is reduced on the weight and coupled by thriftier engines, lends promise to make the 2015 Passat more fuel-efficient. A 211 PS plug-in hybrid version with a 600 mile (966 km) combined range and 31 mile (50 km) electric range is added to the list.

Now, coming to the technical changes, which we guess are very few in nature, concluded the 2015 Euro-spec Passat with LED headlights and taillights, a TT-derived digital instrument cluster, head-up display and an extensive array of assistance systems like Trailer Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, Side Assist with Rear Traffic Alert, City Emergency Braking and Park Assist, just to name a few.

Hopefully, the actual car may be spurred to light soon in the coming days.

2015 New Volkswagen Passat Back View

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