2016 BMW 5 Series spied for first time

2016 BMW 5 Series was expected to be one of the most promising defiant in the niche future of brand. Overwhelmingly, the first spy pictures of 2016 BMW 5 Series appeared a day back.

However, the new 5 Series looks plotting a new platform underneath. Hence, it also seems the upcoming 5 Series is slightly wider than the present generation.

Well, the whole car is completely camouflaged, so not much of the sneak-peeking can be done. But we are very sure that there would be some exciting packages to be hiding inside it.

2016 BMW 5 Series

For the additional tip, the new platform that this spied car is flanking will also be underpinned to next-gen 6 and 7 Series to speak a new language about the designing quotient of the brand which has remained quite same for years.

Under the hoods of 2016 BMW 5 Series, there will be the new three cylinder turbo charged diesel engine of 150 HP, which we bet will be one of the major changes in the 5 Series for recent times. And also next generation M5 power pack is expected to mark the tick somewhere near to 600 BHP by mid 2016.

2016 BMW 5 Series spied for first time

Image Courtesy: WorldCarFans

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