2016 Honda Acura NSX Production Version Unveiled At Detroit

‘Acura production-specific’ was just the last word we wanted to hear from the performance brand of Honda. And to our realization, company unveiled that 2016 Acura NSX production specific at Detroit Motor Show.

Pinned underneath is the carbon fiber combined aluminum chassis which gives it an intensive firmness and agility. The production specific is comparatively enhanced on the dimension than that of the concept brought to light in 2013. Specifically it’s the additional 1.8-inches of length to 176-inches (4470mm); 5.1-inches of width to 76.4-inches (1940mm) and 1.8-inches of height to 47.8-inches (1215mm). The wheelbase too gets to see that effect with an increment of 0.8-inches to those 103.5-inches (2630mm).

Wheels used at the front measures 19-inch, whereas the set used for rear are of 20-inch.

2016 Honda Acura NSX Production Version Unveiled

All this excitement comes operational from a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that sends more than 550 horsepower in collaboration with three electric motors (two on the front and one on the rear axle). A nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox transfers all the traction to Acura’s special all-wheel drive system. And to stop this Japanese machine four-piston at rear and six-piston caliper at front are placed which are assembled to ceramic discs.

Step inside the cabin, Alcantara obviously excites its go getters.

2016 Honda Acura NSX Production Version Unveiled At Detroit

The ride and handling looked more enthralling with driving modes like Sport+, Sport, Quite and Track. The automaker claims, it launch function assures a “zero delay” due to all the three motors taking the charge of it.

2016 Honda Acura NSX Production Version Unveiled At Detroit

The international markets may see Acura NSX launch before the end of this year. The pricing is expected to be slotted near to $150,000.

2016 Honda Acura NSX Production Version

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