Local Motors Strati – World’s First 3D-Printed Car Unveiled At Detroit Auto Show 2015

Since for the past many days 3-D printing technology has remained in the whir of taking over the major of production processes and number of business streams. In fact, now it seems to be the turn of automotive industry to fall in its hands. Unveiled the Strati, at Detroit Motor Show 2015, Local Motors had gave this industry the first “3-D printed car”.

The car undergo from three processes to reach its final state of posture. Firstly, it is the 3D-printed manufacturing that’s additive in nature. Carbon fiber reinforced with ABS plastic is used in the process. Total 44 hours are consumed to print those 212 layers. At the end of this appears the car structure.

Second round of 3D-printed manufacturing process is subtractive nature. After completing the 3D print, the car structure is then moved to a Thermwood CNC router to filter the unwanted details and adds finesse to it with a proper shape. This is just meant to finish and polish the surfaces by rubbing off those additional substances.

Local Motors Strati - World's First 3D-Printed Car Unveiled

The car now enters the third phase, which is included of rapid assembly. Here it goes through the fixing of electrical components, wiring, drivetrain, and tyres. Over the body, there remains the option of vinyl wrapping or a paintjob whichever suits it better.

Local Motors has two micro factories in US where it flows out such examples. One is located at Knoxville, TN, and another at National Harbor, near Washington DC.

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