2016 Next-Gen BMW X1 Spotted Testing In China

BMW X1 was an only SUV in the compact segment which ticks all the boxes for an exploding fun, its new-gen model too isn’t far away, with debut scheduled by the end of this year. Here, what one can find on his screen below isn’t an ordinary test mule of the model. Instead, this car is actually the long-wheelbase version of SUV which was found testing in China. As compared to the standard trim, this LWB of new-gen X1 will increase the room for rear passengers by 11cm.

The auto market of China is one of the biggest in the world, and fulfilling their special demand is almost the need of hour of every carmaker. Here, the cars with more legroom is witnessed as an icon of respect, so the famous brand do roll out a special version of their models here, where they deprive off the rest of the world with. For instance, BMW’s 3- and 5-Series long-wheelbase versions are on sale only in China. The unveiling of X1 new-gen model too will see such a spontaneous response for Chinese, for which this test mule is testing across the country.

However, the new X1 isn’t meant to offer the excitement as it used to do now, due to the reason the maker is shifting the rear-wheel drive layout to the UKL front-wheel drive platform. Though, the xDrive will get optional in the list, but since that too will not help to push the excitement bar of now. Reportedly, BMW with the front-wheel platform underneath the new X1 will get to save chunk of cost by sharing the engine options with MINI and other equipments inside the cabin. The 1.5-litre with 3-cylinder is just a one to say as of now.

2016 Next-Gen BMW X1 Spotted Testing In China

For the international markets, new X1 is slated to raise the intake capacity of passengers inside the cabin. A 7-seater option is the one to go on sales floor, in line with the standard model. However, the unveiling is not too distant from the present, as one can find it happening at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 in September.

Till then, those enthusiasts who wish to keep that rear-wheel drive going shall purchase a one from the present-gen rather than wasting money on a new one that couldn’t do justice with the front-wheel drive.

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