BMW Reportedly Working On M3 Touring

If the practicality and performance is the need of hour, and is also aimed to fit the garage, BMW is reported of developing M3 touring version to top the range. This news was published in a Slovenian auto magazine. The car will hit desk of auto enthusiasts at Frankfurt Auto show next year in flesh.

Though, the idea of this rumour is still very sketchy, but since the possibility is not ruled due to a very sounding deployment of the lineup. However, the said details are very scarce at the moment. But some can define to hold the bumpers of M3 or M4, along with the other details too carried from those performance-driven BMWs.

Power to the M3 Touring is likely to get sent from a 3.0-liter engine worth of 431PS and peak torque of 550Nm. Since, this same engine in M3 and M4 clocks 0-100km/h under 4.1 seconds, the touring may take more 0.1-0.2 seconds to peak up to the said speed limit. Yet, the 250 km/h (155 mph) of max speed shall remain unchanged.

BMW Reportedly Working On M3 Touring

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