2019 Byton Electric SUV Concept At Milan

2019 Byton Electric SUV Concept At Milan

A near production ready model of a high-tech all electric SUV concept has been unveiled by Byton. The concept was showcased at the Milan Design Week and the SUV was described Byton boss Carsten Breitfeld as being “85 percent there”. The new version is being built on the version which was unveiled earlier at the CES and focuses this time on allowing drivers to ‘enhance’ the time they spend in the car, rather than its on-road performance.

The car will be available in two powertrain configurations – either a single 272hp electric motor driving the rear axle to produce 400Nm of torque, or a four-wheel-drive version with motors driving each axle. The two motors in the four-wheel-drive version combine for 475hp and 710Nm of torque. But the biggest feature is the driverless technology developed Aurora.

The technology enables Level 4 autonomy and includes Aurora’s suite of hardware, including cameras, ultrasonic sensors, radar and laser scanners, along with features such as biometric recognition and a large infotainment display that works in conjunction with a ‘Byton Life’ cloud-sharing platform.

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