3 cyl Nano soon by Tata

When Tata started working on the Nano project in 2003, it wanted to introduce an affordable four wheeler to the Indian consumer where most of the family used two-wheeler for commuting.  The world famous “poor-man’s” car will very soon be upgraded to a three-cylinder engine from the current two-cylinder SOHC petrol BOSCH multi-point fuel injection engine to perform better with a 60 to 80bhp power. The current models are a huge success because of their fuel efficiency. On an average, a Tata Nano is giving 18 kmpl in city and 25 kmpl on the highway under standard condition.

3 cyl Nano soon by Tata
Tata wishes to consolidate the manufacturing of the current Nano before starting the production of the new Nano. This is a calculated move by Tata to get the most out of Nano’s market presence and the trust it has earned from the Indian consumer. However, according to the sources, these new variants with upgrades cannot be expected in 2012 as well as a power steering which Tata is working upon in its R&D department, may be in 2013 they will be ready for the market. There are speculations that Tata is coming out with a Diesel version of Nano which would give a mileage of 40 kmpl, but if that happens in this calendar year it would drop the demand of the petrol model for sure which has only just found the overwhelming response of the consumer. Tata Motor believes that with more Nano being supplied to the consumers and a favorable word by the existing consumers, the demand will increase, which should be the right time to launch the diesel version of Nano.

Right now the base variant of Nano has a 624cc two-cylinder MPFI petrol engine which gives a maximum power of 37 bhp @ 5500 rpm which is good since the mileage is reasonable the best. The new variant as they say will come with 60 to 80 bhp has to be a better performer but it may drink more fuel compared to its current counterpart. But since it will be loaded with a powerful engine there shouldn’t be a complaint from the waiting fans. Diesel Nano on the other hand is said to have a 700cc, DiCOR engine which would give a mileage as same as of a Royal Enfield Bike gives under standard conditions. But only the time will tell which one is consumer’s favorite.

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