343 percent increase for Honda Siel cars in May 2012

It seems that Honda Siel Cars India Ltd (HSCI) is on a rampage over the past year as the sales rate of the cars of Honda has sky-rocketed by a staggering 343 percent. The sale of HSCI cars in May 2011 was 2,334 units which has not shot up to 10,334 units in May 2012. Honda Siel Cars India Ltd (HSCI) is the Indian subsidiary of the Honda Japan. The company has been making immense progress in the market lately. Last year did not turn out to be fruitful for Honda owing to the flash floods that hit Thailand where Honda has electronic component manufacturing units. But, then Honda found the stairs and escalated to such an extent that now it has pushed itself ahead of most of its counterparts who had advanced during the flash floods.

Honda City
HSCI is at present, one of the most revered premium segment car makers in India. In a statement by Mr. JnaneshwarSen, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Honda India, he expressed his jubilation and euphoria because of cars like Honda City and Honda Brio and added that these were the cars that shot up the sales percentage to 343 % apart from other cars. Honda Brio ever since it was launched has garnered a strong response from the people here in India as the design of the hatchback is appealing the ergonomics of the car are better in comparison to most of the other hatchbacks running on Indian roads.Honda City has been in the market for a longer time and this is one of the people’s favorites. Honda was in a bad shape during the natural disasters and the market share of the company crashed by colossal rate. Now, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd is planning to set up new plants in India in order to maximize the rate of production of their cars. Honda has always prioritized customer satisfaction as the top of its list and the cars produced by the company have a great value for the price that they come for. HSCI now plans to increase this sales percentage and thus attain a new record.

Over the past few months, the company has been planning to roll out a large segment of diesel cars into the Indian automobile market which is nowadays booming with the demand of diesel cars as the price of petrol has reached to such an extent that people are not even looking at a petrol variant of a car. Amongst 10,334 units, 4512 are Honda Brio and 3753 are Honda City. These two cars have turned out to be the trump cars of Honda in the market. Honda Jazz sold 1948 units in May 2012 whereas premium luxury sedans, Honda Accord and Civic sold 38 and 62 units respectively. Honda CR-V which happens to be the only SUV of the company rolling in India sold just 21 units.

Thus, Honda has now set a benchmark for itself in the industry and hopes to achieve a new record for sales percentage.

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