6.5 Million Vehicles Recalled by Toyota

In what seems to be a year going from bad to worse for the automobile industry, Toyota has asked for a recall as many as 6.5 million vehicles as a result of a power window switch issue. The company has already been through controversy recently with the airbags and this seems to be compounding its problems. According to Toyota, the problem here is that the power window master switch from the driver’s side had a chance of short circuiting and this would mean overheating in the car. The overheating had plenty of problems such as melting of parts as well as possibility of fire.


Models recalled by Toyota include the RAV4, Corolla, Camry and the Yaris which were produced between 2005 and 2010. The company though has made it clear that there are yet to be any reported incidents of the glitch causing any crashes or issues with the driving of the car. Numbers wise, the Japanese giant has called back about 2.7 million vehicles in North America, 1.2 million vehicles in Europe as well as 600,000 in Japan.

Presently, the company is globally the biggest carmaker and in India too have been doing fairly well. A refreshed edition of the Etios was launched by them recently which has been doing good business this festive season. However, news of this recall as well as the previous recall will definitely play on customers minds when it comes to deciding on the quality of the company.

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